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Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad

Great news. Our Breaking Bad site has won the Communication Arts competition and is listed in this years annual:

“With the short attention span of most tv watchers, we decided to launch only 2.5 weeks before the pilot aired. We really wanted to keep the show top of mind. In that short amount of time, we had over 100,000 site hits and were posted on hundreds of blogs. Most of those bloggers became even more intrigued by the show after experiencing our site, which is exactly what we set out to do."

“We told a story — as random and weird as it was. We also captured the rawness of the series by shooting everything on camera to capture every little scratch and imperfection. Most importantly, we walked away from traditional methods of creating a trailer or show teaser and embraced a more experimental, more experiential approach. Part interactive trailer, part dream sequence, part moral dilemma, the site was designed to leave the audience with more questions than answers. And it did. And isn’t that what any good television series should do?"
Comments (0) Etter Studio 27.08.2008
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