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The Worst Deaths on Celluloid

It can't get worse than that. Via Cathy.
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Your Fridge
Your Fridge

So, let's recap what's happening here: The reason why the weather goes berserk lately is because of the human's greenhouse gas emissions. And it will go much more crazy in the future, resulting in food and water shortages, as well as natural disasters. All this will cause social tensions.

About 80% of the harm is directly or indirectly produced by burning things (oil, coal, gas, trees) emitting CO2. Next to reducing our general consumption this problem could be solved by projects like Desertec.

The other 20% come surprisingly from cooling chemicals – from fridges and air conditions. These cooling chemicals, called Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), are super dangerous... they are 3,830 times more harmful than CO2.

But, there are alternatives. For example refrigerators using (ironically) CO2 to cool. Unfortunately there aren't really any CO2 fridges available on the market. So, if you own or know a company which would like to do look into something like this please get in touch, we are looking for investment possibilities.
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Roland Beaven
Roland Beaven

Seems like it's not only me interested in straight line mechanisms. The lamp by England's Roland Beaven.
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Matt Shlian
Matt Shlian

Matt Shlian is engineering paper.
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Am back from the UK, and here is Japan's Myoshka.
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