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The Clock

To enjoy Christian Marclay's work, spectators are kindly requested to play this video a 0.04 pm, local time. If time is passed, please wait for tomorrow or another day same time. Thank you.

Via Günes.
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Science at its best.
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Chrome Web Lab

Lovely exhibition in London, Web Lab, with installations by Tell Art.
Comments (0) Interactive 17.08.2012
Mary Ellen Mark
Mary Ellen Mark

A remarkable photographer, Mary Ellen Mark (1940), from Philadelphia.
Comments (0) Photography 13.08.2012
Computer Controlled Chaos

This is an interesting thought. If we would have cars that are computer controlled and are able to communicate their position to all surrounding cars then we could play on these controlled chaos intersections. This would shorten travel time drastically. On the other hand, some places seem to have this system already in place, just without computer, as the example below shows.

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Stop the Hello World
Stop the Hello World

Another project by digital hero Qubibi.
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Andreas Christen
Andreas Christen

What a great Swiss designer, and painter. Andreas Christen (1936 – 2006) did some very visionary products, back in the days, some of them are being still produced now.
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