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Luigi Nervi
Luigi Nervi

Amazing concrete architecture by Italian Luigi Nervi.
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Founded in Florence by a group of radical young architects in 1966, SUPERSTUDIO was at the heart of the architectural and design avant garde until its dissolution in the late 1970s.
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Ying Ping Mak

Trailer for Ping's new movie.
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Signe Emma
Signe Emma

Denmark's outstanding photographer Signe Emma did a photo project on the 30% extra salt in airline food, she explains:

The blandness of airline food has an explanation. Research shows that people lose their sense of taste when listening to the sort of ‘white noise’ heard inside an aircraft’s cabin.

White noise consists of a random collection of sounds at different frequencies and scientists have demonstrated that it is capable of diminishing the taste of salt. At low-pressure conditions, higher taste and odour thresholds of flavourings are generally observed.

At 30.000 feet the cabin humidity drops by 15%, and the lowered air pressure forces bodily fluids upwards. With less humidity, people have less moisture in their throat, which slows the transport of odours to the brains smell and taste receptors. That means that if a meal should taste the same up in the air, as on ground it needs 30% of extra salt.

She created a series of scanning electron micrographs of dissolved salt that appears to be a landscape viewed from an aeroplane in flight.
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Alice Shirley

Just watch the video...
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