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The Dream of the Sleepless Man
The Dream of the Sleepless Man

The unofficial poster of this track.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 31.05.2012
Kuru-Kuru Nabe

That's a good invention.
Comments (0) Engineering 30.05.2012

Bariol is a new font by Atipo, Spain.
Comments (0) Typography 23.05.2012

Since many years I annoy my friends and relatives with my enthusiasm for the Desertec concept. Now it takes shape, by 2016 we should have clean energy from the desert of Tunesia. A reason more to annoy my surroundings, wonderful!
Comments (0) Environment 19.05.2012
Pascal Staub
Pascal Staub

Pascal Staub, a.k.a. Grafilu, is an extremely talented Swiss Illustrator.
Comments (0) Illustration 09.05.2012
The Eagleman Stag

By Mikey Yes Please. If you like this short film you should support his new project.
Comments (0) Film 09.05.2012
Wolfgang Hutter
Wolfgang Hutter

Temple Forest (1974) by Vienna's Wolfgang Hutter.
Comments (0) Illustration 08.05.2012
Swiss Game Design Talks

Here a funny video (for those who speak German) of Mario presenting EMC at the Fantastic International Film Festival in Switzerland.
Comments (0) Etter Studio 07.05.2012
Andreas Wenning
Andreas Wenning

Is a German architect who's company is specialized in building tree houses. Like this one, called Copper Cube, in Berlin.
Comments (0) Engineering 06.05.2012
We're Open
We're Open

We're Open is a fantastic graphic design and advertising studio from Stepney, Australia.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 04.05.2012
2 x Webby Award for Mini Maps

We just gathered that Mini Maps which I had the honour to direct for unit9 last year, has won not only one, but two(!) Webby awards as best game for tablets and other devices.
Comments (0) Etter Studio 02.05.2012
The Invention of the American Football Helmet

What a good invention that is. Via Mario.
Comments (0) Engineering 01.05.2012

Good work by Postmammal.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 01.05.2012
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