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Dain Fagerholm
Dain Fagerholm

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Ghost Knigi
Ghost Knigi

Ghost Knigi is out.
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A practice of organic re-design – started in 2003 and still in progress – that aims to stimulate thought and dialogue about the progressive relativisation of natural forms of life as a result of techno-biological evolution.

By Lorenzo Oggiano, from Sassari, Italy.
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Ruth Asawa
Ruth Asawa

Ruth Asawa in her home with sculptures, 1954. Photo by Nat Farbman.

Ruth Asawa did these beautiful wire sculptures. She lived in San Francisco.
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Joss McKinley
Joss McKinley

Nice photos by British photographer Joss McKinley.
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Agua de Valencia
Agua de Valencia

By Spain's Escif.
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Mieke Dingen
Mieke Dingen

Lovely furniture by Holland's Mieke Dingen.
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Charlotte Trounce
Charlotte Trounce

I really like Charlotte Trounce's illustrations.
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Quadrotors and Technological Considerations

I often have arguments about new technological inventions. Somehow most people think what ever is invented either will make climate change worse, will add new possibilities for large corporations to spy and control us, or will kill even more innocent people. In some cases they're right – surely a new rifle isn't invented to bring peace.
But often people are wrong. These new inventions are technology, which means they are tools, which means that who ever uses them will decide upon if it's used for creation or destruction. It's in our hands.
Comments (0) Thoughts 02.03.2012
My Brother the Devil

I have been following this project pretty much from the very start (I think that was five years ago). It's wonderful to see that regardless the many set backs and hurdles Sally El Hosaini realised this film. Looks good Sally, looks good!
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Everything is a Remix, Part 4

The forth and last part of Everything is a Remix is out.
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