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Bla Bla Installation
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The Minds of Modern Mathematics

To celebrate the history of math and its impact on the world, IBM has released Minds of Modern Mathematics, an iPad app that re-imagines a classic 50-foot infographic on the history of math created by husband-and-wife design team Charles and Ray Eames and displayed at the 1964 World's Fair in New York City.
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Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey is always good for a good giggle.
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Rok Predin

I like the work of Rok Predin.
Comments (0) Film 20.04.2012
Hans Hartmann
Hans Hartmann

Hans Hartmann (1913 – 1991) is one of the less known icons of Swiss graphic design. Which is hard to understand, his works are beautiful.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 19.04.2012
Nicolas Zentner
Nicolas Zentner

Nicolas Zentner is a great Swiss graphic designer.
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Fuck You Very Much
Fuck You Very Much

I couldn't agree more with
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Finally, Fez is out!
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Lovely animation by Studio Nitro.
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New Website
New Website

Hello world. After around three month polishing we just launched our new website:

The site is optimized for everybody with a fancy side scrolling mouse. This should make it easy and smooth to navigate it. Please comment.
Comments (1) Etter Studio 11.04.2012

One again Iceland's Björk, the professor of creativity.
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Buro Destruct

Buro Destruct, one of Switzerland's finest.
Comments (0) Typography 04.04.2012
Nasa Echo
Nasa Echo

Grid sphere passive communication satellite, 1966.
Comments (0) Engineering 02.04.2012
Brecht Evens
Brecht Evens

Brecht Evens is a illustrator from Belgium, drawing with water colours.
Comments (0) Illustration 01.04.2012
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