The Science of Creativity
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Solar Sinter Project

Lovely project by London's Markus Kayser. Via Creative Applications.
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Slime Mold
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Zero Gravity Water Bubble
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The Elements of Creativity
The Elements of Creativity

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Mini Maps

It's all official now: Mini Maps is out today!
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Janet Echelman

Janet Echelman uses real craft, new materials and engineering to create these huge wind sculptures.
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The Masterpiece (or The Mysteries of the Horizon)
The Masterpiece (or The Mysteries of the Horizon)

Rene Magritte, 1955.
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Benetton redesign
Benetton redesign

Have you seen the new identity of United Colors of Benetton? No? Well, it's no wonder, because there is hardly any difference from the old one...

The new "face lift" by Pentagon's Michael Bierut and Daniel Weil is so subtle that one has to question why it has been done in the first place (and why anybody would spend money on this).

But, it shows as well that the identity developed in the 80's is pretty much timeless... and at least it wasn't ruined by the redesign.
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