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Paricles by Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi. Make sure you watch until 2:00 minutes.
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David Lewandowski
David Lewandowski

I don't like this whole Tron flashy glow effects motion graphics. But I like the piece from David Lewandowski (born 1984), lovely details.
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Matter Fisher

Now it's all online, and all beautifull: Matter Fisher by David Prosser.
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While the nuclear power plants in Japan are still releasing radioactivity, the media in Europe has stopped the coverage mostly...
There is a great site, put together by volunteers, to measure and bring together measured radioactivity levels with highest possible transparency. The funds to do that have been raised online. This is good and important:
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Bla Bla
Bla Bla

Bla Bla is a project about human communication. Lovely interactive storytelling by Canadian's Vincent Morisset. Via Jonathan.

Each of the six chapters in the story depicts a different aspect of communication: learning a language, making small talk, expressing emotions, etc. Rich in opportunities for discovery, BLA BLA illustrates these concepts through endearing yet perplexing characters. The figures were designed by Caroline Robert using a variety of techniques, both traditional and hi-tech.
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Visual Thinking
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Mumbai Dentist

A second treat from my trip to India: This is the clinic of Dr. Hitekshi D. Rajgor, who just started her business up and running this January.
Due to Mumbai's lack of space it's the smallest dental surgery I've ever seen. Nevertheless, she can offer all the latest equipment and a lovely family mood. This is the only place where visiting the dentist's fun and sweets are passed on in regular frequency, just the way it should be.
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The Node

The Node is a collective project by Undream.
Comments (0) Film 11.05.2011

There is a beautiful iPad app called Planetary. It visualizes your sound library as planetary system. Albums are planets, tracks are moons.
I created a very similar concept last year for Dell Computers, whereby the same is done with the browsing history (domains are planets, sub pages are moons, ect.), called The Outernet. Unfortunately they didn't understand the project and it died.
Comments (0) Interactive 09.05.2011
Mumbai Print Office

Earlier this year I've been lucky to spend one entire month to India. Of course I couldn't come back empty handed. Here is a short video which I filmed in a print office in Mumbai.
The company was founded by Vipul Rajgor, who started 25 years ago by taking out a loan from a bank to buy a Xerox printer and offered his service on a road side. Now he employs 30 full-time employees.
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Anorak in France

Ou la la, with France the one and only Anorak Magazine is conquering yet another country of the world.
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