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Archive 3/2010

Quants is a documentary about the complexity of nowadays economic systems. The animation sequence was created by Onesize from the Netherlands.
Comments (0) Numbers 30.03.2010
Platic Bag
Platic Bag

Lovely short movie by Ramin Bahrani about the long journey of a plastic bag... And don't be surprised if the voice of the bag sounds familiar: it's the voice of nobody less than Werner Herzog. See the short movie here:
Comments (0) Environment 30.03.2010
Linien Musik

Super duper Hansi Raber and Clemens Mairhofer developed this application translating drawn lines into audio. You can download if for free from here. Hurray.
Comments (0) Interactive 28.03.2010
Natalie Dionne
Natalie Dionne

The Maison en U in Montréal by Archidect Natalie Dionne wins the prize for Exellence in Archidecture.
Comments (0) Art 28.03.2010
La Gaîte Lyrique
La Gaîte Lyrique

Kishi showed us a new interactive project for "La Gaîté Lyrique", a new venue in Paris dedicated to digital arts and new musics, which will open this fall. Have a look:
Comments (0) Interactive 27.03.2010
The Office of Frank Chimero
The Office of Frank Chimero

I like the work of Illustrator Frank Chimero.
Comments (0) Illustration 24.03.2010
Letter Press

This video shows the use of a Monotype machine. The resulting book was then printed on an original Heidelberger Zylinder. Recorded at the Offizin Haag Drugulin in Munich.
Comments (0) Typography 21.03.2010
The Apology Line

The Apology Line is a project by Allan Bridge, consisting of a free phone line where people can leave their apologies anonymously on a tape. More than 1000 hours of confession were recorded, ranging from common confessions to ritualistic murders. The project started in 1980 and is still ongoing.
Comments (0) Society 18.03.2010
Jens Stark
Jens Stark

Does some pretty amazing paper things:, via Natalie.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 17.03.2010
Vladimir Todorovic

While doing this movie, the author worked with a variety of supercomputer clusters and High Performance Computing systems consisting of high number of processors. This movie remixes works of Jean Luc Godard (Weekend), Velimir Khlebnikov (Radio of the Future), Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Notes from the Underground), and Caspar David Friedrich (artist’s quotes). Once again, via Creative Applications.
Comments (0) Interactive 15.03.2010
Carbon Nanotube

Just came across this facinating material: Carbon Nanotube.
Comments (0) Engineering 14.03.2010
The Australia Project
The Australia Project

The three Australian musketeers, Scott Heinrich, Yanni Hill and Chris Edser, founded The Australia Project: The Australia Project is asking Australian creatives and the general public, to engage in a national debate regarding the current status of contemporary Australian culture. More information:
Comments (0) Graphic Design 12.03.2010
The Graveyard
The Graveyard

What a great game: In The Graveyard you play an old lady who visits a graveyard. You walk around, sit on a bench and listen to a song. It’s more like an explorable painting than an actual game, an experiment with realtime poetry, storytelling without words. The Graveyard is an emotional journey of empathy.

By Tale of Tales, via Creative Applications.
Comments (0) Interactive 09.03.2010
Arthur Pollock
Arthur Pollock

Arthur Pollock has been shooting photographs in New England for the past thirty years and at The Boston Herald for the past twenty. He was featured in Hamburger Eyes and came out with a teaser zine last year which was a run-up to his first published volume of work due out in 2010 on Unpiano Books.

Via Hamburger Eyes.
Comments (0) Photography 07.03.2010

London based design studio This Is Real Art created seven films for the satellite operator Astra, covering everything you need to know about the operation of a satellite. See here part two.
Comments (0) Advertising 05.03.2010
Experiencing Abstract Information

Bachelor thesis by Stefan Kuzaj and Jochen Winker.
Comments (0) Interactive 02.03.2010
Stefan Nadelman

Stefan Nadelman, based in Portland, has made this beautiful classic: Food Fight is an abridged history of American-centric war, from World War II to present day, told through the foods of the countries in conflict. Watch as traditional comestibles slug it out for world domination in this chronologically re-enacted smorgasbord of aggression.
Comments (0) Film 01.03.2010
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