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Natalie Ashman
Natalie Ashman

She's one of the very good Illustrators I know. Her style is organic and unique. It's London based Natalie Ashman. Here some of her latest work, for the Italian Vogue.
Comments (0) Illustration 25.02.2010
EPFL Library

The Engineering University in Lausanne has received a new library, shaped by the two Japanese archidects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, known as Sanaa.
Comments (0) Engineering 23.02.2010
Romain Lenancker
Romain Lenancker

Romain Lenancker lives in Lyon and works in Paris.

Via Piero.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 22.02.2010
Daniel Lutz

Great Swiss game developer Daniel Lutz released a new game for the iphone, called Colorblind.
Comments (0) Interactive 18.02.2010
Stone on Stone

By Rob Carter: "Stone on Stone" is a stop-motion video animation that uses the architectural language of High Gothic and Modernism to invent a contradictory history of their evolvement. The theme starts and finishes with the vast and unfinished Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, NYC. It is contrasted with Le Corbusier’s La Tourette monastery in France, competed in 1960. The video uses this anomalous but single-minded architectural vision as the foundation for a new emergence of Gothic religious expression, resulting in a complete and unified fantasy cathedral – akin to the building that the Church of Saint John might have aspired to be.
Comments (0) Film 15.02.2010
John Powers
John Powers

John Powers is an artist based in New York doing sculptures. Like this one by thousands of anodized aluminum-plated Styrofoam blocks.
Comments (0) Art 14.02.2010
MIH Watch

Generally I don't like watches. But this one hits the spot. It's the child of three Swiss men, Ludwig Oechslin (commission), Paul Gerber (engineering) and Christian Gaffner (design). It's design and mechanics are just beautiful.

Via Swissmiss.
Comments (0) Advertising 13.02.2010
Nuit Blanche

This is the Making Of the short movie Nuit Blanche by Spy Films. Somehow it's even more beautiful than the actual short.

Via ever-great Motiongrapher.
Comments (0) Film 11.02.2010
Justin Windle
Justin Windle

This man is fantastic. London based Justin does coding and illustrations, sometimes both at the same time. Make sure to check out his interactive work on his blog.
Comments (0) Interactive 10.02.2010
Spec Ops

This trailer for the computer game Spec Ops was done by Tronic Studio. The combination of a shiny office complexes with crumbling back-walls, mercenary and climate change reminds me of the feeling I had when I was staying in Doha while traveling for work. Via Motiongrapher.
Comments (0) Film 09.02.2010
Poul Beckmann
Poul Beckmann

Poul Beckmann was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1949 and then emigrated along with his family to Canada. He uses a 70s-era macro lenses with an exceptional ability to record detail and reveal features often missed: the glitter of compound eyes, fingerlike appendages flanking the mouth, coats of iridescent fuzz.

More at Seed Magazine Portfolio.
Comments (3) Photography 08.02.2010
Reza Ali

Reza Ali is a master student in the Media Arts and Technology department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He coded the video above in processing.
Comments (0) Interactive 07.02.2010
The Virtual Revolution
The Virtual Revolution

The BBC worked on a series about the impact of the internet on modern society. They interviewed some of the very key people on this matter, such as Kevin Kelly, who suggests a very similar view like I did on my talk called "The Digital Evolution" I gave at the Webinale in Berlin last year. Very recommendable interviews.
Comments (0) Thoughts 03.02.2010
Jorge Lopez Navarrete

Jorge lets different people perform the same conversation over and over.
Comments (0) Art 01.02.2010

Gregor Kuschmirz and Moritz Schmidt developed this pixaresque bagging robot. Cute.
Comments (0) Art 01.02.2010
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