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Mario Hugo
Mario Hugo

Sea Power & Change, ESP Institute.

Again, this man is talented. Admiring work by Mario Hugo – not only a fantastic Illustrator but also one half of the Hugo & Marie founders.
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Bugs fixed, trailer rendered... the show can start. More info here:
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CG Cells, by Leandro Salerno from Argentina.

Cells are extraordinary things, the building block of life. And you own close to 100 trillion of these little fellows, aren't you lucky!
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Daniel Freytag
Daniel Freytag

Monolith, by Daniel Freytag, UK based photographer.
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Tales of the Unexpected

By Carl Burgess, aka More Soon.
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Jung Yeon Min
Jung Yeon Min

Love the work of Jung Yeon Min, South Korean painter, born 1979 in Gwangju, lives and works in France now. Here is a nice collection of her work.
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EMC released!

My first iPhone game is released today! A true Science of Creativity project, developed together with Mario. It's called EMC and full of colorful electrons, nuclear fusions and electromagnetic forces!! Get more information here:
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An A
An A

Doing some hand lettering for a client. Haven't done this in a while... it's fun!
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Like the work of NR2154, a graphic design network.
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BioScapes 2010
BioScapes 2010

Solitary coral, photographed by James Nicholson (3rd place). More here.
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Creative Director Jenova Chen explains the inspiration for Journey, a game in development by That Game Company.
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Mario von Rickenbach

During the last weeks I had the pleasure to work with game designer Mario von Rickenbach on my first iphone game (to be released as soon as Mr Jobs reviews it). Mario is a young man of many talents, he developed for example this lovely game called Mirage, an experimental game about a strange creature in a surreal world.
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Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli talks about spirulina, piezoelectricity and other tricks we can learn from nature. Great talk.
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Inspired by this video, UK's Graeme Taylor stuck his camera out of the train window and filmed the passing of the Bath Spa railway station at 210 frames per second.
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Where two WikiLeaks server are situated.

Now this start to be ridiculous. Even Twitter is censoring #wikileaks tweets, according to this blog. Where is the democratic spirit now, Twitter?

I guess the good thing about this whole attention is that Wikileaks becomes more a movement, an idea bigger than its creators.... Makes me confident that there is not much a government can do to shut it, if they would have been smart about it they would have soft-pedaled it.

PS: If you live in one of the countries blocking you can still access it via
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George Lois
George Lois

When working on the Tommy Hilfiger campaign earlier this year I stumbled over the work of George Lois (born 1931, in the Bronx, NYC). George Lois is an advertising man and was basically the reason why Tommy Hilfiger became successful.
But he was not only doing advertising – and quite good one (a rare occasion) – but also beautiful covers for the Esquire magazine.
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