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Philippe Baudelocque
Philippe Baudelocque

French man Philippe Baudelocque does these lovely wall paintings.
Comments (0) Illustration 27.10.2010
Microsoft 2011

Apple is the old Microsoft and Microsoft is the new Apple.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 27.10.2010
The Infinite Library
The Infinite Library

The Infinite Library is an ongoing project by Daniel Gustav Cramer and Haris Epaminonda. It is primarily an expanding archive of books, each created out of pages of one or more found books and bound anew.
Comments (0) Art 26.10.2010
Satellite Collections
Satellite Collections

195 Yachts, Cargo Ships, Tankers, Barges, Riverboats, Hospital Ships, Cruise Lines, Ferries, Military Ships, and Motorboats.

This is an image from Jenny Odell's project called Travel by Approximation, a virtual road trip that took place in the internet.

Via Creative Review.
Comments (0) Photography 26.10.2010
Marcin Ignac
Marcin Ignac

Marcin Ignac created these beautiful creatures entirely in code. Have a look at this video as well. Via Creative Applications
Comments (0) Interactive 25.10.2010
Luke Ramsey
Luke Ramsey

The talented Luke Ramsey has a new website:
Comments (0) Illustration 24.10.2010

In case you haven't seen it yet: This is Oops by Chris Beckman. The take at 04:17 is amazing.
Comments (0) Film 23.10.2010
City Life
Comments (0) Illustration 22.10.2010
Small World
Small World

Head of a five day old zebrafish, photographed by Hideo Otsuna.

Japanese Nikon has a beautiful collection of micro-scale photographs:
Comments (0) Photography 21.10.2010
Motto Distribution
Motto Distribution

The Photograph Commands Indifference, by Nicholas Muellner.

Motto Distribution is a stockist for Switzerland and Germany that has all these hip and smart publications for a fair price.
Comments (0) Publishing 20.10.2010
A Little Bit of Privacy

The robotic curtain of Berlin's Niklas Roy protects him from nosy pedestrians while not blocking light and view.
Comments (0) Engineering 18.10.2010

Love it when people do simple Photoshop work for real. Like Sweden's design and advertising agency Ritator for this exhibition catalogue.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 18.10.2010
Hard Drive Clock

By Ian.
Comments (0) Engineering 17.10.2010
Hotel Survival

Brilliant guide by George Egg how to cook your own meal in the times of being away from your own kitchen.
Comments (0) Engineering 16.10.2010
Limit To Your Love

Like this a lot, the new song by London's James Blake.
Comments (1) Music 14.10.2010
Scanning Electron Microscope

A video illustrating a typical practical magnification range of a scanning electron microscope designed for biological specimens. The video starts at 25x, about 6 mm across the whole field of view, and zooms in to 12000x, about 12 μm across the whole field of view. The spherical objects are glass beads with a diameter of 10 μm, similar in diameter to a red blood cell.
Comments (0) Science 13.10.2010

Some amazing old advertisings and posters from the good old Swissair times:
Comments (0) Advertising 11.10.2010
The Ant Death Spiral

Very often, people refer to ants system as a role model of society. But here is the proof, they do the very same stupid stuff we do: the infamous ant death spiral:

It's a circular mill, first described in Army Ants by Schneirla (1944). A circle of army ants, each one following the ant in front, becomes locked into a circular mill. They will continue to circle each other until they all die.

Via The Ant Room.
Comments (0) Science 05.10.2010
The Brooklin Space Program
Comments (3) Engineering 04.10.2010
Past Perfect
Past Perfect

He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future. – George Orwell

Photo series about Egyptian war museum by UK photographer Jason Larkin: The museum, an institution to preserve and interpret the material evidence of the human race, has a long history, springing from an innate human desire to collect and interpret the world around us. By deciding how the past is presented and memorialized, museums not only preserve the past, they also play an important role in the construction of our ideologies, identities and the understanding and interpretation of ourselves.
Comments (0) Photography 02.10.2010
Olaf Hajek
Olaf Hajek

Like the arts of Berlin based Illustrator Olaf Hajek.
Comments (1) Illustration 01.10.2010
You Were In My Dream
You Were In My Dream

Absolute lovely interactive adventure by Isobel Knowes and Van Sowerwine! Play it here.
Comments (0) Interactive 01.10.2010
The Good People
Food for Thoughts
Water for Soul
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