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Analog Animation

By Flipthisvid, via Hansi.
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Illustrated History of TIME
Illustrated History of TIME

Clinton and Lewinsky, 1998.

This is certainly a publication which I'd like to have in my library. The book reflecting the history of Times Magazine (founded 1923) was designed by Luke Hayman and published by Rizzoli.
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Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger

Phew! We just finished our latest project. In only five days we conceived and designed a master plan to dust off Tommy Hilfiger. And thanks to a splendid team it looks and feels fantastic! More about this project here
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Hello Fensterfabrik!
Hello Fensterfabrik!

Dear readers, great news from far Switzerland: We've done it! We founded a brand new creative collective, with some of the finest minds Switzerland has to offer!

Our new base is in an old Factory on the hills of Zurich, formerly used to produce windows. The 550 m2 factory has plenty of space, also for exhibitions and film shootings.

More information:
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The Eagleman Stag

This fabulous piece of work is the trailer for Mikey Please's new short called The Eagleman Stag.
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Yuri Suzuki

The Prepared Turntable was designed by London's Yuri Suzuki in 2008.
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Anthony Howe

Anthony Howe engineers wind powered sculptures. Here aligned disks spinning around a circular axis.
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Yoshiro Nakamatsu

Japanese Dr. NakaMats is a legend. Just about time that somebody does a movie about him, and here it is, called The Invention of Dr. NakaMats.
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They do it again. Absolutely amazing. This Nintendo DS title uses head tracking to create a three dimensional space (same as this, just a tiny bit better). This is 3D with future, unlike these horrible 3D televisions.

PS: Via my favorite blog which opened again.
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Front Lines
Front Lines

The publication Front Lines was inspired by Robert Capa’s indelible scenes of the first ‘media war’, Front Lines is the result of a collaboration between photographer Brendan Meadows and Militaria collector Matthew Robinson that pays tribute to the soldiers who fought so bravely and encountered such tragedy in the Spanish Civil War. Design was done by Christopher Allen.
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Quadrotor Helicopter

The Grasp Lab in Pennsylvania developed this impressive control system. Also check out the transport video.
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Adobe Museum of Digital Media

This is unit9's latest baby. AMDM is open 24 hours and free for everybody to explore some amazing digital exhibitions.
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Big Bang
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