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Anatoly Zenkov
Anatoly Zenkov

Mouse pointer track after 3 hours of working in Photoshop. Black circles are pointer stops (not clicks).

Love this flickr set by Anatoly Zenkov, using a simple java applet to track his mouse while working. See it here.
Comments (0) Interactive 31.01.2010

After all this hype disappointment is programmed. It's a solid device, but I expected a revolution, like an option to switch screen into eInk mode... Don't think this will make it big in this version.
Comments (0) Engineering 28.01.2010
Dancing Inmates

This is it. Weirdest video ever. Japanese multinational Sony dresses the inmates of a high security prison in the Philippines in Michael Jackson shirts and makes them dance the This Is It-dance, while one of them waves a picture of Martin Luther King in the air. This is fucked up.
Comments (0) Society 27.01.2010
Heinrich-Siegfried Bormann
Heinrich-Siegfried Bormann

This is a visual analysis of a piece of music from a color-theory class with Vasily Kandinsky by Heinrich-Siegfried Bormann in 1930.

Via Volume Control
Comments (1) Graphic Design 27.01.2010
Andrew Zuckerman

Andrew Zuckerman (born in Washington, DC in 1977), known for his crisp animal photographs has launched an exhibition in Sidney about Wisdom.
Comments (0) Photography 26.01.2010
Alex Trochut
Alex Trochut

Alex is a freelance graphic designer from Barcelona and does very pretty crafted typographic posters.
Comments (0) Typography 25.01.2010

East-London based Tinashé performs on a Zimbabwean Mbira. The classical Mbira consists of 22 to 28 metal keys mounted on a hardwood soundboard made from the mubvamaropa tree.
Comments (0) Music 22.01.2010
Vanishing Point

Short movie by Japanese Bonsajo, via Motiongrapher.
Comments (0) Film 22.01.2010

Have you ever tried to scan vegetables? I just did. Here is "Aubergine" from the vegetables series.
Comments (0) Etter Studio 21.01.2010
Comments (0) Advertising 20.01.2010
Black Lake

This is another animation by David O'Reilly, from whom I'm a big fan. He wrote:
My good friend Jon Klassen came over to Berlin in October. We decided to make a small video, we sketched out some ideas, Jon did some designs and I took it from there. The result is this 2 minute video loop which doesn’t really fit into any category except here, online, right now, this very second, for you and you alone.
Comments (0) Film 18.01.2010
Chladni Patterns
Chladni Patterns

Ernst Chladni, born 1756, was a German physicist and musician. He's the first known person doing research on vibrating plates leading to the "Chladni Patterns". Have a look at this video to explain.

If you're interested in this matter you should also have a look at Alexander Lauterwasser's documentary Water Sound Images (German Language).
Comments (0) Science 16.01.2010
Joel Tettamanti
Joel Tettamanti

Joel Tettamanti was born 1977 in Cameroon and lives now in Switzerland. He studied graphic design and photography in Lausanne and then went on to work extensively throughout Europe, especially in Switzerland and France.
Comments (1) Photography 15.01.2010
Maxime Bruneel

Valse Statique – La Théorie du Combo.

A short movie by French Maxime Bruneel living in London.
Via Motiongrapher.
Comments (0) Film 14.01.2010
Newspaper Club
Newspaper Club

The, based in England, does print Newspapers for everybody.
Comments (0) Publishing 13.01.2010
Vincent Fournier
Vincent Fournier

The pictures of Vincent Fournier, here from his series "Space Project". Born in Burkinafaso in 1970, living now in Brussels.

Via Creative Review.
Comments (0) Photography 12.01.2010

Sharks aren't that bad. Via c--b.
Comments (0) Thoughts 12.01.2010
Kazumasa Teshigawara
Kazumasa Teshigawara

Seems to be wonderfully talented and producing some of the best interactive work seen lately. This is Swimmer, Year of the Tigaaa, India and Daydream, of course.

Born in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, 1977. Used to live with mother in the beginning. Later moved in with a new family. Was taken around bars while still young. Hostesses used to like me a lot. I stopped going to school. Played game at home. Cried out of fear when collectors banged at the door for money. Father ran away, got caught. Graduated elementary school. Got into an accident and hurt my neck. Father came back. Father died. Graduated secondary high. Worked at Nihonbashi Textile Processing Factory. Got into an accident, almost died, and hurt my neck. Got into music. Quit point drawing. Bought a Mac. Met some weird people. Said goodbye. Unknowingly entered a bad content design firm and quit immediately. Was scared for days after I quit because the company got hold of me. Worked and quit a number of jobs. At age 21, discovered the fun of design. Eventually got married. Had a kid. Got separated. Got the kid. Taking care of the kid. Working quietly under the label “Qubibi.” Would like to make a lot of things.
Comments (1) Interactive 11.01.2010
Neutrophil Chasing Staphylococcus

This is best thing I've seen in a long time! Apparently captured on 16mm by David Rogers, Vanderbilt University, in the late 1950s.
Comments (0) Science 09.01.2010
Travis Louie
Travis Louie


Like the art of Travis Louie.
Comments (0) Art 08.01.2010
The Third & The Seventh

An stunning 12 minutes short movie, completed entirely in CG by the one-man band called Alex Roman.
Comments (2) Film 06.01.2010
3D Mandelbrot Fractal

Ex-physicist Tom Beddard created a 3D Mandelbulb Ray Tracer as a Quarz Composer and Pixel Bender plugin that will allow you to generate 3D Mandelbrot fractals. Unlike many other 3D fractals the Mandelbulb continues to reveal finer details the closer you look. The scripts run on the GPU which makes real-time interactive exploration possible.
Comments (0) Science 04.01.2010
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