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Laurence Mencé

Laurence has a new show reel.
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Look around you: Computer Games

This is science we need. Via Much more better.
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What's The Real Cost?
What's The Real Cost?

During the last month I have been busy with What's The Real Cost, a campaign I was lucky to direct for Unit9, aiming to rise public awareness about out-spinning costs of the US health care system and how to bring them down as an individual.
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Prima Chakrabandhu opened her fist iceDEA ice cream store in Bangkok! And, became a Thai teen star! Fantastic. Congratulations!
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Matt Prins published a little magazine I did back in the days in Italy on his Instant Books website.
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Street View
Street View

A truly poetic capture of our society can be seen in this selection of google street view. Quantity seems to create quality here.
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9 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 30?
I read this riddle last night and it wouldn't let me sleep. Maybe somebody knows the solution:

There are three travelers getting a shared hotel room for 30 dollars. Each pays 10 dollars. Later, the receptionist realizes that there is a discount for that room, it costs 25 only.

She gives 5 dollars to the bell boy to bring to the travelers. Because he didn't get a tip he gives them only 1 dollar each and keeps 2 dollars in his pocket.

So each traveler payed 9 dollars (27 dollars together) and the bell boy keeps 2 dollars. Where is the remaining dollar???
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World Science Festival

Animation for the World Science Festival 2009, created by Trollbäck + Company.
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The Univers

This is a design study of three-dimensional patterns, which will be used for our new lamp design.
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Pérez Piñero
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Thru you

Kuttiman mixes youtube.
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Clive Limpkin
Clive Limpkin

Worlds strongest man, Yuri Vlasov, breaks weightlifting record.
The photos of Clive Limpkin.
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