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Techno Tuesday
Techno Tuesday

Andy Rementer's Techno Tuesday has a all new, modern home:
Comments (0) Illustration 30.07.2009
Andy Gilmore
Andy Gilmore

Great stuff by Andy Gilmore. I wonder if he has seen our new lamp design?
Comments (0) Graphic Design 29.07.2009

This Thursday, the short 'Waldschock', co-directed by Christian Etter is screening at the Waldstock film festival in Zug, Switzerland.
Comments (0) Etter Studio 28.07.2009
BBC Poetry
BBC Poetry

Video pairing of punk rockers the King Blues and the 1817 Lord Byron poem “So We’ll Go No More A-Roving.”

Directed by Corin Hardy, via Veryshortlist.
Comments (0) Film 27.07.2009
Zack Nathanson
Zack Nathanson

Zack's new portfolio.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 26.07.2009
Simon Pyke

Bristol based Simon Pyke does fantastic work with his sound studio Freefarm. And... he's the brother of Matt Pyke, who would have thought...
Comments (0) Film 24.07.2009
Pierre Vanni
Pierre Vanni

He's a French Graphic Designer and does this tactile things which are so in fashion now. But this is actually a nice one, for The New York Times.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 24.07.2009
Pitaru / InterSilence

The work of InsertSilence and Pitaru is worth to look at. They also developed this software together.
Comments (0) Interactive 23.07.2009
Heinz Edelmann
Heinz Edelmann

Heinz Edelmann, the man behind the Yellow Submarine, and still great inspiration, died this week. Read here an interview with the old humble master.
Comments (0) Film 23.07.2009
French Communist Party HQ
French Communist Party HQ

A wonderful building. Built by Architect Oscar Niemeyer between 1967 - 80 in Paris. Seen on bd.
Comments (0) Architecture 17.07.2009

By xp1394.
Comments (0) Film 13.07.2009

A collaboration between Alexei Tylevich and The Date Farmers.

Comments (0) Music 07.07.2009
Makoto Tanijiri
Makoto Tanijiri

My favorite architect so far. This beautiful house was build in Saijo, Hiroshima, by Japanese architect Makoto Tanijiri, aka Suppose Design Office. See more photos here.
Comments (0) Engineering 06.07.2009

By Ori Toor (Israel).
Comments (0) Film 03.07.2009
Coin Flipper

By Nitipak Samsen, via Todayandtomorrow.
Comments (0) Engineering 02.07.2009
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