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Creative Code

Is a prototype developed by Matthias Dörfelt, aka Moka from Hamburg.
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Michael Jackson
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Short by Terri Timley.
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Summer is here
Summer is here

By ft.
Comments (0) Thoughts 18.06.2009
The Art of the Title Sequence
The Art of the Title Sequence

Is a wonderful data base of title sequences. Via Billy.
Comments (0) Film 15.06.2009
The Visible Human
The Visible Human

Kai Kostack shows a real-time journey through a female body (age 59). Fascinating. Via Blender Nation.
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Coke, found on dropular.

One of my favorite sites has been updated: Dropular.
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LX Forty

You have to hate Mark Forster after what he did in the last Bond movie (especially after Martin Campbell's brilliant Casiono Royale). But the guys at MK12 did a very good good job on this one.
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John Stezaker
John Stezaker

Mask LXV (2007) by John Stezaker.
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Seed Magazine
Seed Magazine

Interesting discussion by Hungarian physicist Albert-László Barabási and social network scientist James Fowler at the Seed Salon.
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I have to admit, this is impressive... Via Create Digital Motion.
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Interview Project
Interview Project

Finally it's live: David Lynch's interview project!
Comments (0) Society 04.06.2009
We Are The Web

A movie by the Space Collective, the future of everything.
Comments (0) Society 03.06.2009
Eva Schindling

Eva Schindling is Austrian. What you see here is one of her studies, 300 spheres, attracted to a center in space, rubbing against each other (following relatively fake physical rules) end up rotating in an interesting way. She doesn't know why.
Comments (0) Science 02.06.2009
Simple Machines
Simple Machines

Lovely new website: Simple Machines. By some Helpful Strangers out of Stockholm.
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