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Visions of Fast Food
Visions of Fast Food

12 Grams.

The last entry this year. A photo project by Photographer Jon Feinstein from NYC, called Fast Food. Happy new year everybody.

"There's this weird relationship that we as Americans have with fast food," says Feinstein, who titled each image with the given item's fat content, in grams. "I made a project where the food mostly looks disgusting, yet some of it is still strangely enticing—probably because the branding is so embedded in our psyches." He adds, "I may eat it on a lower frequency now."

Via Good.
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Steph Thirion

Steph Thirion are two guys from San Francisco, doing some wonderful things, like Eliss.
Comments (0) Interactive 28.12.2009

We just completed a case study for Cisco Systems. We have been asked to put together an interface of the mobile devices in the year 2014 and how data by then will used and created. More here.
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Traffic Shockwaves

Shock waves that occur in traffic flow are very similar to the waves produced by dropping stones in water. A shock wave propagates along a line of vehicles in response to changing conditions at the front of the line. Shock waves can be generated by collisions, sudden increases in speed caused by entering free flow conditions, or by a number of other means. Basically, a shock wave exists whenever the traffic conditions change. Read more.
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David LaChapelle
David LaChapelle

No doubt, David LaChapelle is master of orchestration. Here is Courtney Love, as Maria-Magdalena. Happy Christmas everybody.
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Smart Grid Version 2

Working on some more network visualization... love it.
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Erwin Wurm
Erwin Wurm

This lovely single family home was placed on the MUMOK museum in Vienna by well-known Austrian artist Erwin Wurm.
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Future of Print

This is a very thoughtful case study by the Swedish publisher Bonnier and London based research studio Berg about the future of editorial content consumption.

Via Edmund.
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Matt Pyke

Matt Pyke is another of my heroes. His work is beautiful, also the way he runs his studio is. This is one-hour talk he gave last year at the Liverpool Design Symposium.
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Robert Corish
Robert Corish

Stemming from research in sensory associative perception and studies of electronically and digitally produced music, this work intends to visually and physically realise some of the philosophical concepts bound by the ambiguous programmatic restraints of computer software. Physical Loops by Robert Corish.

Via Rob.
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LED Sculpture
LED Sculpture

David Cranmer documented the making of this beautiful LED sculpture last year. Also check the video in the end.
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Smart Grid

Recently I have been picking up programming again, and have to say there is almost nothing more rewarding than coding (if it works). Here you see an interactive study of physical network behaviors. Play around your-self:
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Annechien van Litsenburg
Annechien van Litsenburg

Annechien van Litsenburg is a Dutch artist and has produced this wonderful wooden building blocks for children called bouw je eigen moskee, inculding some fantastic minarets.
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