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Kyle McDonald

With a background in philosophy and computer science, Kyle McDonald works with sounds and codes, exploring translation, contextualization, and similarity.
Here you see a point cloud rendering from three phase structured light scans with depth of field using a floating point FBO and smoothed points of variable size and opacity, processed with Open Frameworks.

Via Zach Lieberman
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Christian Caujolle & Enrico Bossan

This is a relatively boring interview with French Photographer Christian Caujolle. What makes this video still worth looking is the interviewer him self, nobody less than il maestro Enrico Bossan asking the questions to be asked.
Comments (0) Photography 27.11.2009
Cité du Design
Cité du Design

The Centre International du Design is a new institution for communication, research and education in design. The project is situated on the historic site of the National Arms Manufacture in St. Etienne, France. This beautiful (solar powered) site was constructed from 2006 – 2009 by the Archidects Finn Geipel and Giulia Andi (LIN).
Comments (0) Architecture 26.11.2009

Tai-Chi stands for Tangible Acoustic Interfaces for Computer-Human Interaction. It uses tiny piezoelectric sensors to sense surface vibrations. The sensors are connected to a computer and track up to two objects at once by sensing vibrations. This can apply to any physical surface, graspable objects and ambient media (e.g. wall, tabletop and air), as well as making the interaction natural without the need for a hand held device.
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Cornstarch & Liquid Metal

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Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug

How to explain my parents is a nine episode documentary in which artists of abstract work explain to their parents where its all about. Sometimes it's actually good to use the parent test, if they don't get it you might have to think it over again.
Made by by the dutch ovens Lernert & Sander.
Comments (0) Art 24.11.2009
DJ Derek

The legend from Bristol, DJ Derek, has been a reggae DJ for almost all his life. Jamie Foord and Russell Smith did now a short documentary about him, very recommendable. And here is part II. Bomba Clock!
Comments (0) Music 23.11.2009
Jorge Chamorro
Jorge Chamorro

La Cascara Amarga is Spain based graphic design studio by Jorge Chamorro and does handmade collages and graphic design.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 22.11.2009
Alfred Hitchcock

A German talk show called "Frankfurter Stammtisch" hosts Alfred Hitchcock in 1966. The whole show is bizarre, interesting and amusing at the same time. I would wish we would still have such informal talk shows these days.
Comments (0) Film 21.11.2009

Is a film, illustrator and web man.
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Folkert Gorter
Folkert Gorter

Eventually, everything connects. You really like certain projects out there in the internet and then... you find out that one single person connects these different projects. Happened so with Folkert Gorter.

He is the man behind But Does it Float, Cargo, Space Collective, Good and the Bas Jan Ader website. Folkert seems to be one of these few people pushing the internet into a right direction. Good to see that. Thanks Folkert.
Comments (0) Interactive 19.11.2009
Woody Vasulka & Brian O'Reilly

These excerpts of their beautiful scan processor studies have just been published. Brian O'Reilly explains:

The source materials were generated by Woody using a Rutt-Etra Scan Processor in the 1970's and sat on a shelf for years, having been recently digitized. Woody came into my studio one day and asked me if I would be interested in using them to work on a collaboration, and the project began from there...

The works use sources excavated directly from the output of the Scan Processor, as well as further manipulations using Tom Demeyer's ImX software, developed with input from Steina. Extensive editing and layering and additional augmentations were done using Phil Mortons IP. The Sound was generated (mostly) by custom software developed by Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan and myself called NETHER GENERATOR, which sets up a number of complex real time feedback networks filtered and processed by various means.

Via Motiongrapher.
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Soirées De Poche / From The Basement
Soirées De Poche / From The Basement

Recently, there has been a new trend how to put out music. The music television died and the internet stars are arising. Therefore also these two project make sense:
First came Arte with Les Soirées De Poche, followed by Nigel Godrich's From The Basement. Both projects follow the same concept to let well-known bands perform in a very intimate location, film it well, and put it out on the internet. Hopefully more like this to come.
Comments (0) Music 17.11.2009
We're moving!
We're moving!

Etter Studio is boxing the boxes and moves to Zurich this weekend. A shame to leave this wonderful office here on the river side, but the city is calling... Our new (temporary) address is:

Etter Studio, Roentgenstrasse 30, 8005 Zurich, 0041 43 540 44 61
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Ralf Bäcker
Ralf Bäcker

Was born 1977 in Germany and made this installation called The Conversation. It consists of 99 solenoides mounted in a circle. Together they carry three rubberbands in the center of the circle. Each magnet works autonomously and tries to adapt to the forces in the network. The aim of the system is to keep a balance of forces.
The concept is good, but even more beautiful is the machine it self.
Comments (0) Art 12.11.2009
Marc Owens

I always wanted to do this, and never did. Luckily, Marc Owens did not only think of it, but also realized the idea in perfection: the Avatar Machine. Fantastic.

Via todayandtomorrow.
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Hudson River Plane Landing
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Mato Atom

Produced by Swiss blood Mato Atom, in collaboration with Fallon London. Also have a look at other work by Mato:

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Work: Meaning and Worry
Work: Meaning and Worry

Interesting visualization of statistics by Art+Com for the exhibition Work: Meaning and Worry in the German Hygiene-Museum in Dresden.
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Hand powered saw

The Jointmaker Pro R2 was engineered by an American company, the blade is Japanese. Looks very efficient, would be a good try for our new production line.
Comments (0) Advertising 05.11.2009
Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Harris

The author of We Feel Fine, Jonathan Harris, just published a write up of his opinion about the digital world. Highly recommendable: World Building in a Crazy World.
Comments (1) Society 03.11.2009
Speech Debelle

There they are. There are still some good British rapper out there. This is one of the rare species, Speech Debelle from South London, signed up by Ninja Tunes.
Comments (0) Music 02.11.2009

Talking about arms, do you remember that creepy robot dog? The same engineers are now working on a two legged version, called Petman: Used (at the moment) to test chemical warfare clothing for the US Army, the Petman is able to move at 3.2 mph, recreating the natural heel-toe stride that we employ in our walking motion. Just the question now: what does Petman do when his shoelaces come undone?
Comments (1) Engineering 01.11.2009
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