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Tita Milano
Tita Milano

Tita Milano is a new Milanese advertising agency, founded by our Italian friends Giuseppe Mazza, Emanuele Basso and Sonia Rocchi. They also did the print advertising for Quiero Alas, the clothing label of former copywriter in crime: Elena Carella.
Comments (0) Advertising 31.03.2009
Please Say Something

Please Say Something by David O'Reilly won the prize for best short movie at the Berlinale in Germany this February.
Comments (0) Film 30.03.2009
Overnewsed But Uninformed
Overnewsed But Uninformed

Just stumbled upon this beautiful degree work called Overnewsed But Uninformed, by Stefan Bräutigam (Hamburg), analysis of the over saturation by media information.
Comments (2) Graphic Design 29.03.2009
Fumetto 2009
Fumetto 2009

Today, the new edition of the city-wide and week-long comic festival Fumetto started in Lucerne, Switzerland.
Comments (0) Illustration 28.03.2009
Advertising vs Reality
Advertising vs Reality

Pundo 3000 by Samuel Mueller (Berlin) is comparing the images on food package with its content.
Comments (0) Advertising 27.03.2009
Madagascar: What's going on?
Madagascar: What's going on?

Madagascar, the African island formerly known as tropical paradise, has transformed it self in to a place of chaos and violence in the last few weeks. Being there while the events unfold it's hard to witness the ease of manipulation of the young and poor population.
Comments (2) Society 26.03.2009
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