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Climate Change in Barcelona
Climate Change in Barcelona

Last preparations.

Our exhibition "Himalaya – Changing Landscapes" is opening this Sunday in Barcelona. Find out more:
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Exploded Globe
Exploded Globe

The Globe was constructed with a structural aluminium core and ribs, to which panels of Foamalux were fixed. An array of individually addressable Martin Professional LED fixtures provided the full colour illumination to the globe, and created the unique dappled light projections across Hoxton Square. A bespoke software programme, coded by Cinimod Studio in VVVV, controlled the overall installation.

Via Billy.
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In recent years, Microsoft seems to have made fast progress with image analyze and mapping software. Some of the outcomes are really fascinating.
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Project 10 to the power of 100

Another project by Google.
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There is a flood of new applications released for the iPhone now... One is called RjDj, which allows you to process audio in real time, looks like good fun.
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Rice Statistics
Rice Statistics

The Population of the USA in rice grains.

UK based Stans Cafe have created an exhibition taking rice grains to visualise statistics.
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They have been unveiled already some month ago, but just came across them now. The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mascots are the work of Vancouver-based Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy of Meomi Design. These could be the most stylish Olympic mascots yet, and surely a big hit with kids.
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Didn't I tell you...
Working in a consultancy a lot of thoughts are spent on the future. This leads often to the situation that you argue a lot with your friends because you're sure you've told them this will happen and they deny it. Therefore I will write this down some speculations now to proof for once and ever my eternal wisdom:

Constant change
The three main factor shaping the next century are technical progress, climate change and population growth. This three factors are interconnected, the population growth is linked to the technical progress, climate change to technical progress and population growth. Climate change and overpopulation is a explosive mix, which can only be disarmed through technical progress and education.

Linearity, which has dominated the human thinking since ever will be paired with interconnected thinking. This will influence how to tell a story, how we feel and how we work.

The Century of Waves
Some of the most important steps in science will be a move towards understanding the use of waves (frequencies). If you compare it with the common methods used by now to process and transmit data (linear 0's and 1's) frequencies would allow much faster and more complex data processing and transmitting. And I wouldn't be surprised if Neurologists find out that the human brain works similar. With different parts sending out different frequencies, which then inter fear, accumulate and block each other.

Pixel bible
The next media revolution will be the introduction subtractive color displays. This means that no light is used for displaying color and shapes, but actually the surface of the display changes psychically, making it the same experience to read text like on a printed page. This is already achieved commercially in the Kindle, but only in black and white and low resolution. Soon this will change (I give four years from now on). The consequences are that for example Newspaper should release their news the same way like podcasts work. The saving of resources (paper production requires a lot of water) would be enormous.

The next iPhone
The key is to create a material which can change shape and texture (like a clump of clay, which can also be a screen). This device would then be pretty much be the digital reflection of our identity. It would pay in the stores, be the airplane ticket and passport, and open house door before we reach it.

The fastest Population growth happens in developing countries. Reasons are a lack of pension systems, daily occupation and long term thinking due to low education. Therefore this problem can be tackled through increasing education and health care and therefore quality of life.

Through the technical progress we can communicate, travel and trade for affordable costs across the globe. This leads to a decrease of the importance of country borders. National identity is weakening. Therefore other values – global values – are increasing importance. Such as religion, football teams, music, brands. Conflicts are not held between countries, but groups connected through shared believes and values.
On the other side there is always a counter balance. I expect that also that the value of the very local identity will be also increased. So I will be not Swiss anymore, but an European from Zurich.

A consequence of this general shift will be for example the renaissance of the mercenary. Another is the gain of political power for large corporations, because they can operate across country borders.

Company structure
There will be a few mega-large companies in the next 100 years. But the future belongs to small interconnected companies. Flexible and working closely in a grid of other small companies. Also, thanks to the internet, it doesn't matter anymore where the company is based, unless it deals with hard goods. Companies working with hard good will be further centralized.

A lot of shit manger often refer to football as a parallel to business success ('We have to play as a team, blabla'). But actually football is a good reflector for changes in our society. The strength of a national football team mostly reflects the upbringing of their players. Also, money flow reflects again the shift of importance within the football world.

Money flow
Another reflection of shifting values and importance and works therefore greatly as early indicator. For example was the financial globalization started much before the human, which is still very much in process.
Also, we'll see a great increase of sensors in our daily life.

There are three main streams dictating further development. Data can be stored on always smaller space, and always cheaper. The internet becomes faster and bigger. And computers still get faster.

Climate change is becoming the new global dictator. Sea level rising and a diminish of fertile soil and water while the population is growing – an explosive combination which will lead to an increase of conflicts and war. Sometimes the link of these conflicts to climate change will not be obvious, but by a closer look an obvious consequence of territorial, water and nutrition shortage. Another consequence of climate change is that countries will start to move towards protectionism in a few decades, contradicting the current direction of interconnection.

Fighting climate change
There are two methods to fight climate change, but to work they have to be combined. On one side the technological advance has to lead to more efficient and cleaner energy production and consumption. One the other side humanity has to lower the general consumption.

The increased global interconnection and complexity will also demand for new global regulations. This will not only concern a new visa regulation, but also a global tax system.

Britney Spears
Will commit suicide in around ten years and people will feel guilty.

Also read this manifesto:
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The saga ends.
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Mr Würfel

Saw this a few years in the cinema, now again on Swiss-Miss site: Mr Würfel by Swiss blood Rafael Sommerhalder.
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Finally, after eight years of voyeurism, the book 'Teufelskreis' is completed! Christoph Fischer observed the neighbourhood around his flat, resulting in a big book and some fantastic videos:
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This is probably the last post of this blog. Our dear Swiss fellows from CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) will do their first try to create antimatter tomorrow. Some scientist say, it will destroy all human life. If you want to follow how your life ends, then you can check the experiment tomorrow on a live webcast starting at 09:00 CEST on
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Vogue India
Vogue India

An Indian man models a Burberry umbrella worth $200.

Sometimes it's so easy. Take a big luxury goods institution. Take some poor, hiv positive, imprisoned, or other ignored people. Combine. Voila, your company dearly cares about the world.

Via NYT.
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Freddie Yauner

Freddie is a funny guy.
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Francis and the Lights

A good band they are, good dance style.
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