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Cai Guo-Qiang
Cai Guo-Qiang

Cai Guo-Qiang explains the controversy of the the Olympics opening ceremony.
Comments (0) Society 31.08.2008

While being in Edinburgh a few weeks ago, the ads for the Fringe Festival did stand out a lot. It was done by branding consultancy Marque, a collective across three studios; London, New York, Glasgow.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 30.08.2008
Yosuke Abe

Yosuke Abe is an Art Director at THA, worked on Ffffound and others, the heroes of the web one could say. His own site also features some good thinking, have a look:
Comments (0) Interactive 30.08.2008
Before I die...
Before I die...

Before I die I want to drive a tank!

Nicole Kenney wrote an email: As we are taking the photo, we ask participants to answer the question, "What do you want to do before you die?" so we can get them in the moment of stating their desire. We get their emails because we will be checking up on people in a number of years to see where they are on their path to achieving what they stated they would. We hope this project will help people to get motivated to do what it is they want to do before they die.
Comments (0) Society 30.08.2008
Changing Landscapes in Stockholm
Changing Landscapes in Stockholm

The first stop of our international exhibition 'Himalaya - Changing Landscapes' at the World Water Week in Stockholm was a wonderful opening. We've received loads of compliments, everybody is happy happy, and also great media coverage. Thanks to everybody involved.
Comments (0) Etter Studio 29.08.2008

While doing some research, we came across this fascinating video, where a tribe of ants eats a gecko, in only two days.
Comments (0) Film 28.08.2008
Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad

Great news. Our Breaking Bad site has won the Communication Arts competition and is listed in this years annual:

“With the short attention span of most tv watchers, we decided to launch only 2.5 weeks before the pilot aired. We really wanted to keep the show top of mind. In that short amount of time, we had over 100,000 site hits and were posted on hundreds of blogs. Most of those bloggers became even more intrigued by the show after experiencing our site, which is exactly what we set out to do."

“We told a story — as random and weird as it was. We also captured the rawness of the series by shooting everything on camera to capture every little scratch and imperfection. Most importantly, we walked away from traditional methods of creating a trailer or show teaser and embraced a more experimental, more experiential approach. Part interactive trailer, part dream sequence, part moral dilemma, the site was designed to leave the audience with more questions than answers. And it did. And isn’t that what any good television series should do?"
Comments (0) Etter Studio 27.08.2008
Obrigado Dilla

Still like this a lot. Obrigado Dilla.
Comments (0) Music 26.08.2008
Swiss Blacks
Swiss Blacks

The exhibition Swiss Blacks opened yesterday in Switzerland, just three minutes from our studio away. It includes black and white portrait shots of black people living in Switzerland, along with small texts about their stories.
Comments (0) Society 25.08.2008
Questo Air Force One

Via Okayplayer.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 24.08.2008

The studio of Kina Larsson and Jonas Joelsson (former Fabrica member), based in Stockholm. Have a look at their portfolio.
Comments (0) Advertising 23.08.2008
Telescopic Text
Telescopic Text

Click on words on the Telescopic Text by Joe Davis.

Via Today and Tomorrow.
Comments (0) Typography 22.08.2008
Standart Time
Comments (0) Interactive 20.08.2008

Fantastic! The Japanese coding hero and Creative, Roxik, will start to work as well as Interactive Director for Unit9. His work is some of the best world wide. Have a look at this example:
Comments (0) Interactive 19.08.2008

The Olympics are almost over, this is still amazing. BBC Sport's marketing campaign and titles for the forthcoming Olympic Games are based upon the traditional Chinese folklore 'Journey to the West'. The animation and music were specially produced by Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn. Through Nik.
Comments (0) Film 18.08.2008
Michel Platini
Michel Platini

Paolo Verzone (VU) followed Michel Platini wherever he went at the end of January. The UEFA president's schedule was at the time mainly filled by an official visit in Russia for the final of the Independent States Community and Baltic countries Cup in St Petersburg. See it here
Comments (0) Photography 17.08.2008
Changing Landscapes
Changing Landscapes

Swiss and Sherpa members of the 1956 Swiss Everest Expedition rest at a high camp somewhere in the upper Khumbu ice fall.

After a few month of preparation, our next exhibition opens this Monday in Stockholm at the World Water Week. Come and have a look:
Comments (0) Etter Studio 13.08.2008
iPhone hologram

David just did this.
Comments (0) Interactive 12.08.2008

Piero showed this video the other day. It's made by the Lanza brothers from Italy, an edit of their parents watching the World Cup final Italy - France. See it here.
Comments (1) Film 11.08.2008
Robotic Chair

The Robotic Chair, 2006 by Max Dean, Raffaello D’Andrea and Matt Donovan.

Via Vvork.
Comments (0) Engineering 08.08.2008

This is great. Levelhead by Julian Oliver.
Comments (0) Interactive 07.08.2008
Woody Allen

The young Woody explains the science of women. Via HSS.
Comments (0) Society 05.08.2008
Dangerous Australians

Dave Towey has sent a mail describing his latest work. It is a six meter long interactive table for the Australian Museum all about dangerous Australian animals.
Comments (0) Interactive 03.08.2008
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