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Fischli & Weiss

This is one of my favorite movies ever, since my mum bought it for me when I was around twelve. The Way Things Go, or better in German: Der Lauf der Dinge. It was shot, nearly 29 minutes and 45 seconds long, in an empty garage near Zurich by Peter Fischli and David Weiss in 1987.
Comments (0) Film 30.06.2008
Mike Sheldrake
Mike Sheldrake

Mike Sheldrake makes cardboard surfboards!
Comments (0) Engineering 29.06.2008
Techno Tuesday
Techno Tuesday

Again, Andy's brilliant analysis called Techno Tuesday.
Comments (0) Illustration 28.06.2008
Emil Kozak
Emil Kozak

New work by Emil Kozak, Danish blood based in Barcelona.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 27.06.2008
Tim Prentice
Tim Prentice

You have to see his work, absolutely beautiful.
Comments (0) Art 25.06.2008
Godfrey Reggio

Who we are and who we kill. As the animal appears in the media it disappears in nature. - Godfrey Reggio at the Stock Exchange of Visions.
Comments (0) Society 23.06.2008
Christian Vetter
Christian Vetter

Recently on an airport I got hold of a free magazine talking about 9/11. That was funny. When I looked who's responsible for this it was funny too. It was Christian Vetter. In German, if somebody has the same name as you have, you call this 'Namensvetter'.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 19.06.2008

Finally, after a long period of chaos, Fabrica has managed to pull out their new website: - and it was worth it, congratulations!
Comments (0) Interactive 17.06.2008

A new skin for BMW concept car called Gina, via Everyoneforever.
Comments (0) Engineering 12.06.2008
Arthur Ganson

I was posting about this guy's work already earlier. Now I came across his talk at the TED conference, and his other work blew me again away. Just beautiful.
Comments (0) Art 11.06.2008

Some great stuff one can do with Photoshop. Thanks Alex.
Comments (0) Interactive 10.06.2008

I have to say, the new format 'No Comment' on Euronews is a great format. For a minute or two they are broadcasting everyday a little scene from somewhere in the world, without any voice over. This does not only trigger curiosity, but is also a very honest way to reflect the situation of the world today.
Comments (0) Society 09.06.2008

Cathy just sent me the latest copy of her kids magazine Anorak. It's plenty of funny colourful things.
Comments (0) Publishing 07.06.2008

A great animation movie from the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany.
Comments (0) Film 06.06.2008
Bubble Screen
Comments (0) Interactive 05.06.2008
Yellow Chair

Another great post by the Fabrica blog.
Comments (0) Art 03.06.2008
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