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Bruce Lee
Comments (0) Thoughts 30.05.2008
Switzerland Boooh!
Switzerland Boooh!

Brown hands stretch for the Swiss Passport. Fascistic advertising from the Swiss right wing party.

Having a direct democracy, every Swiss citizen can vote upon certain laws. This week Switzerland will decide if they want to establish a new law, where immigrants applying for the Swiss citizenship can be refused by the local (Swiss) population, even without having to justify their decision.
Comments (1) Society 28.05.2008
Erik Nordenanankar
Erik Nordenanankar

DHL instructions.

This guy made the biggest drawingin the world sending a GPS device around the world.
Comments (0) Illustration 27.05.2008
Monica Nelson
Monica Nelson

"Monica Nelson is a graphic designer living and working in New York City. She is originally from Athens, GA, but recently graduated from Pratt Institute."

Via Whywerock.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 26.05.2008
80 years Adrian Frutiger
80 years Adrian Frutiger

Happy Birthday Adrian Frutiger, Swiss Typographer and creator of all time favourite fonts like the Univers, which he designed initially for the Parisian Metro. With eighty years he's still well and lives in Bremgarten, near Bern.
Comments (0) Typography 24.05.2008
Marco Müller
Marco Müller

More Swiss: "Marco Müller studied visual communication and graphic design at Zurich University of the Arts. He works mainly on editorial projects, books, printed matters and typefaces. 2008 he set up his homestudio in Zurich."

Via Frederico.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 23.05.2008
Little Girl

Captured by Electric Pig.
Comments (0) Interactive 22.05.2008

Just received a few copies of the new album by Box, released on Altrisuoni, which I designed and illustrated for my pal Nik. Nice.
Comments (0) Etter Studio 21.05.2008

Bola is a design institute which uses behavioral research as a premise to its projects.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 20.05.2008

Blu made this movie in Buenos Aires and Baden (Switzerland). We love you Blu.
Comments (0) Film 19.05.2008

I feel a bit like this these days.

Via Fabrica.
Comments (1) Film 14.05.2008

"Misericordia is a team of seamstresses who have been working with their hands, spirit and heart since 2002 in Lima - Peru. The hope and the will are within us. To live means to fight. We sew to learn and to discover another World. No longer Utopia."
Comments (0) Society 13.05.2008
Type SQL
Type SQL

What a great way to browse fonts and learn about them:

Via Swissmiss.
Comments (0) Typography 09.05.2008
Club Internet
Club Internet

Club Internet is a collection of interactive art works. Some are bad, some very good:

Via Fabrica.
Comments (0) Interactive 07.05.2008
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