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Swisscom re-branding
Swisscom re-branding

Disappointing re-branding of the Swiss Telecom by Bruno Maag and Moving Brands. What has the famous Swiss Design tradition become?
Comments (2) Graphic Design 27.02.2008
Sébastien Vigne + Julien Notter
Sébastien Vigne + Julien Notter

Portfolio of Sébastien Vigne and Julien Notter, both coming from Geneva, Switzerland.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 26.02.2008
Joshua Distler
Joshua Distler

Nice work by Joshua Distler.
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Gloire aux femmes
Gloire aux femmes

Swiss Photographer Katrin Haunreiter - in collaboration with Etter - invites to her exhibition in Bern, Switzerland.

Les hommes jouent des instruments de musique: tambour, flûte. Ils pensent que les femmes sont incapables de faire tout ce qu’ils font. Mais moi, Madina, je joue de la Cora. Les hommes jouent des instruments de musique; djembé, n’goni, balafon....

Mails ils croient que les femmes ne peuvent faire de même Ainsi, nous , les femmes , donnons-nous les mains et travaillons, Alima joue du balafon, Chata joue du n’goni, BéBé conduit des taxis, Aissata Sidibé est la première dame de l’ORTM, Astan fait de la menuiserie, Bintou est député, Astan Dembélé est mécanicienne, Fanta Diarra est pilote-parachutiste, Mawa Koné fabrique des marionnettes...

Gloire aux femmes, gloire aux femmes du Mali

Wednesday, 5th of March, 11.45 am

Freiburgstrasse 130, Bern/Aussehrolligen

More information (German):
Comments (0) Etter Studio 23.02.2008
360° Mirror Display
Comments (0) Engineering 20.02.2008
Nik Wavish
Nik Wavish

Our man Nik Wavish, Interactive Director, not only with a new blog, no... also with a new portfolio site. Three times cheese hurray:
Comments (0) Interactive 19.02.2008
HBO: Behind the Scenes

The mind blowing HBO trailer... from 1983. Reminds me strongly of the Breaking Bad production.
Comments (1) Film 18.02.2008

Shortfilm by Hillman Curits:
Comments (0) Film 16.02.2008
The Great Green Wall of Africa
The Great Green Wall of Africa

This project was presented on the EU-Africa Summit in Lisbon last December and is already in work. Still, it reminds widely unknown, but deserves attention:

Senegal started now to plant a "Great Green Wall" of trees stretching for nearly 7 000 km, all the way from Dakar to Djibouti, to stop the relentless advance of the Sahara desert.

"Instead of waiting for the desert to come to us, we need to attack it," Fada Diagne, Environment Minister, told Reuters in an interview. Also, he says, in Senegal the desert is advancing at a speed of 50 000 hectares every year.

The idea, first mooted by Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, is to plant a 5 km wide band of trees crossing the world's poorest continent from east to west to stop the desert swallowing precious arable land.

More information:
Comments (0) Environment 15.02.2008
Kevin Rudd

Historical speech of Austalian Prime Minister two days ago, apologising for how the native Aboriginals where treated by the parliament and the white Australian society.
Comments (0) Society 14.02.2008
Benetton in Africa
Benetton in Africa
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Waiting for the sun.
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Desert solar energy
Desert solar energy

The left square would be enough to supply the whole world with energy.

The technical progress allows humanity to consume more than it would naturally be capable. This development is connected to the fast growing population and responsible for our future key issues: climate change, shorting of resources - which are resulting into conflicts over territory, food and water - increases the gap between rich and poor. Our hope is, that this technical progress will arrive at a stage, where it starts to be efficient enough to balance things out. So far this was not the case, but a new project captured our attention and therefore support.

The idea is to create a huge farm of mirrors in North Africa. These mirrors bundle the sun light and so generate a very high temperature. This heat will boil water and create steam. The steam powers a turbine which creates electricity. Sounds very simple. It is - and also is highly efficient.

The project was presented in Brussels by the global think tank Club of Rome last November. The concept is based on studies by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) about solar thermal power generation as a safe, clean and cheap power supply for Europe and the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). The key technologies for the concept are solar thermal power plants with thermal storage for day/night operation and low-loss high-voltage direct current transmission to transport the clean energy from the MENA region to Europe.
Due to the higher solar radiation in North Africa, a solar thermal power plant located there can generate three times the energy that would be possible in Germany, for the same investment. Using the right cables, transport losses between North Africa and central Europe can be kept very low (approximately 10 %). If the concept is implemented, it could be possible to cover 10-25 % of the European energy demand using solar thermal power plants in the MENA region by 2050.
The project could gain support (like Prince Hassan bin Talal), but its realisation has still not started. The reasons, says Gerhard Knies, the thinker behind the initiative, are the fears Europe's to involve countries like Algeria or Morocco into such an important area like energy production. But honestly, rather North Africa than countries like Iran, Russia, ...

Please support this project:
Comments (0) Environment 11.02.2008
Black mirror
Black mirror

Interactive video for Arcade Fire out of Canada. Directed by Oliver Groulx and Tracy Maurice. Less good than Neon Bible, but still worth watching:
Comments (0) Interactive 10.02.2008
Independent thinking
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Youssou N'Dour

I talk a lot about Africa because that’s where I live and that’s where there are many problems. Some people have the possibility of using nuclear energy, but with the amount of sun we have, we believe solar energy should be the future for everyone, especially for Africa, where the sun shines 9 to 10 months a year. If we manage to solve this problem, we will need less energy and the system will become even more efficient. So in my opinion solar energy is the solution.
Comments (0) Thoughts 08.02.2008
The Solar Film
The Solar Film

The short film by Saul Bass, commissioned by Robert Redford and introduced by Eames Demetrios (grandson of Ray and Charles Eames), is today as current as back in 1980.
Comments (0) Film 05.02.2008
Réinvente ton jeu

By Wieden + Kennedy for Fifa Street.
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Julius Popp

The setting up of Leipzig based artist Julius Popp's installation called "Bit Fall" in St. Louis.

Via Type for you.
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