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MYC4 seems might be a tool to solve some issues in Africa. Founded in May 2006 as a joint venture between Mads Kjær, Kjaer Group A/S, and Tim Vang – MyC4 is mainly a internet platform where African entrepreneurs can seek loans. Similar to Ebay, but the other way around. Potential lenders can court with their conditions. If A can offer a better interest rate than B, the African loan seeker will likely do business with A.
There is a 2% charge for MyC4, there is an optional 1% pay-back insurance, there is the transfer commission – but all in all there are better interest rates than banks offer. Seems to be a step into the right direction – Africa doesn't need charity, it needs business.
Comments (1) Society 24.12.2008
Gregory Crewdson
Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson is a Photographer based in the US. See more of his work at Paranaiv.
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Step and Repeat

This case study was created by Christian Etter in May 2007, after measuring proportions of plants and feeding these algorithms into a virtual reality.
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Adding Machine

Great way to explain the binary system... by Matthias Wandel.
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The Atlantic Project
The Atlantic Project

The US based magazine Atlantic launched The Atlantic Project, asking questions to make people think again. Realization was done by EuroRSCG (who's as well responsible for LV Journeys).
Comments (0) Thoughts 19.12.2008

Last Sunday at the independent publisher fair we've met Renato Zülli, co-founder of Faund. Faund is published monthly with a print run of 70 copies, and features images that selected people find in the internet. So are the images of issue #3 found by either police men or criminals.
Comments (0) Publishing 18.12.2008
Rome Police Hold Anniversary

We know the Italians for their chaotic driving style, now this is the perfection of it! The Rome Police Hold Anniversary – from 1953.

Via 1+1=3.
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Circulation in Hanoi

Also interesting to see similar swarm-like maneuver in Hanoi, but freestyle.
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Cap & Trade
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European Air Traffic – 24 Hours
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Ivan Argote
Ivan Argote

Ivan Argote was born in Bogotà and lives in Paris now.

Via Todayandtomorrow.
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Lost in a Moment

Extremly beautiful, Lost in a Moment by Dennis Wheatley.
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Now Updating...

A video from the THA / Yugo Nakamura exhibition at the Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo last August 2008.
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1st Zine Sezession Zurich
1st Zine Sezession Zurich

This Sunday, the one-day independent publishers fair is hold in Zurich. Some good people – Flag, Island Fold, Nieves – will be there. More information here.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 11.12.2008
Humanglobaler Zufall
Humanglobaler Zufall

Good people die young, they say – good magazines too. After only four issues the experimental magazine Humanglobaler Zufall has died. The magazine was born out of Dennis Buchmann's winning idea at a competition by German publisher Axel-Springer. The resulting publication designed by Mirko Borsche fallowed the narrative of links between people (just like in Facebook), actually sent a journalist and photographer to travel across the globe to meet these people. Therefore a string of people – each knowing the next person – narrated the storyline.
Comments (0) Publishing 10.12.2008
Burj Dubai
Burj Dubai

The largest tower, at 808 meters when completed in approximately 2010, will stand in Dubai, of course. British photographer David Hobcote photographed the work in progress from a helicopter.
Comments (0) Photography 09.12.2008
Larytta – Souvenir de Chine

And we are back...! With a rather strange video for Swiss band Larytta, directed by Körner Union from Lausanne.
Comments (0) Film 08.12.2008
Nicolai Howalt
Nicolai Howalt

In his work Boxer the Danish Photographer Nicolai Howalt is portraying young men before and after the fight.

Via lost.
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We have just received an e-mail from Michael Straub with wonderful news. The Desertec project – aiming to feed a power grid over Europe and North Africa with sustainable energies – has gained the support of the French government. But it still needs your support. Please visit therefore
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