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Comments (0) Interactive 30.10.2008
Hugo & Marie
Hugo & Marie

It's hard to find good graphic design. The really good studios you can count on one hand... But there is a new one stepping up, the collective Hugo & Marie based in NYC.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 29.10.2008
Manuel Schoch (1946 – 2008)
Manuel Schoch (1946 – 2008)

Sadly, we had to learn, that Manuel Schoch, just has past away. He and his Time Therapy Institute where our very first clients, from back in 1999, till now. Rest in peace.
Comments (0) Etter Studio 28.10.2008
Fi-Fi Fin-Fish

The air ship is developed by LaChLuVe and was captured this October at a Airship Fair in Richtershafen, Germany. It uses the principals of locomotion to move.

Via everyoneforever.
Comments (0) Engineering 27.10.2008
Daito Manabe

Daito Manabe uses electric stimulus to turn his face into a music visualizer.

Via Todayandtomorrow.
Comments (0) Interactive 26.10.2008
Internet Censorship
Internet Censorship

A good summary about the troubles with sex, ass and falun gong.
Comments (0) Society 25.10.2008
Etter Studio
Etter Studio

We have finally completed our website: Feel free to comment.
Comments (0) Etter Studio 23.10.2008
A Guy Called Bronco
A Guy Called Bronco

Bronco is from Germany.
Comments (0) Society 23.10.2008

Parra is my favorite Illustrator since the first encounter a few years ago. Since then, his work spreads around the globe, luckily, so we can see more of his colorful illustration skills.
Comments (0) Illustration 21.10.2008
The Machine

Public Engineering from Stockholm, Sweden. Seen on Vimeo.
Comments (0) Engineering 20.10.2008
Black Whole Conference
Black Whole Conference

72 Chairs, 400cm in diameter, by Michel de Broin 2006.
Via anygivenname
Comments (1) Art 19.10.2008
The Corpus Clock
The Corpus Clock

Daniel has sent an e-mail, pointing out this marvellous piece of engineering: The Corpus Clock. Lovely introduced by its inventor John Taylor. The time is eleven o'clock precisely.
Comments (0) Engineering 18.10.2008
Mouse Dance

This little interaction was developed around a year ago. Go and dance your self:

PS: What's quite interesting about this interaction is that the brain can control the mirrored mouse movements after practising for about a minute.
Comments (0) Etter Studio 17.10.2008

A nice short by Yves Geleyn, watch it here.
Comments (0) Film 16.10.2008
Roel Wouters is a Copy Cat
Roel Wouters is a Copy Cat

I'm not against coping (there can be something very beautiful and complimenting about it), but it becomes strange when somebody sells an idea with a lot of hype and then you have to find out that it's not an original idea...
Happened so with Roel Wouters' Sally from 2005, which was done exactly the same way by Gysin-Vanetti, already in 2003.
Comments (0) Film 14.10.2008
Seven Hundred Billion
Seven Hundred Billion

The amount of Dollars payed by the American tax payers for their unsound property credits. It's a seven and eleven zeros. It's about 2300 dollars per US citizen, children and pensioners included.
Comments (0) Numbers 13.10.2008
Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti
Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti

These are two swiss bloods doing some exceptional work, just like Colour Flap.
Comments (0) Interactive 11.10.2008
Cristiana Couceiro
Cristiana Couceiro

Great style by Cristiana Couceiro. She as well lives and works in Lisboa, Portugal.
Comments (0) Graphic Design 10.10.2008
João Fazenda
João Fazenda

Fred wrote an e-mail to advertise his Illustrator-friend, 'one of Portugal's most talented and prolific illustrators', he says. And here he is: João Fazenda!
Comments (0) Illustration 09.10.2008
How the markets work

In times of crises people look for sound explanations. Here are some answers, performed by John Bird and John Fortune in Ocotber 2007.

Via Ted.
Comments (0) Numbers 08.10.2008
Solar Water Disinfection
Solar Water Disinfection

This is a very simple and effective solution to clean drinking water: Contaminated water is filled into transparent plastic bottles and exposed to full sunlight for six hours.
Sunlight is treating the contaminated water through two synergetic mechanisms: Radiation in the spectrum of UV-A (wavelength 320-400nm) and increased water temperature. If the water temperatures raises above 50°C, the disinfection process is three times faster. More information here:
Comments (6) Environment 07.10.2008

Today feeling like Luke Best's illustration.
Comments (0) Illustration 06.10.2008
Powers of Ten

Here again, the very famous short film, written and directed by Ray Eames and her husband, Charles Eames in 1977.
Comments (1) Film 02.10.2008
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