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Kazumasa Teshigawara
Kazumasa Teshigawara

Seems to be wonderfully talented and producing some of the best interactive work seen lately. This is Swimmer, Year of the Tigaaa, India and Daydream, of course.

Born in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, 1977. Used to live with mother in the beginning. Later moved in with a new family. Was taken around bars while still young. Hostesses used to like me a lot. I stopped going to school. Played game at home. Cried out of fear when collectors banged at the door for money. Father ran away, got caught. Graduated elementary school. Got into an accident and hurt my neck. Father came back. Father died. Graduated secondary high. Worked at Nihonbashi Textile Processing Factory. Got into an accident, almost died, and hurt my neck. Got into music. Quit point drawing. Bought a Mac. Met some weird people. Said goodbye. Unknowingly entered a bad content design firm and quit immediately. Was scared for days after I quit because the company got hold of me. Worked and quit a number of jobs. At age 21, discovered the fun of design. Eventually got married. Had a kid. Got separated. Got the kid. Taking care of the kid. Working quietly under the label “Qubibi.” Would like to make a lot of things.
Comments (1) Interactive 11.01.2010
wow, swimmer is really lovely, but seriously... 8€? i can redo that screensaver myself for less money :) also i like his india project. seems the message is that indian's believe in rebirth and they always roll around on the floor because it's convient for baby-making.
hansi. 2010-01-14 18:44:50
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