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Holy macaroni, this just happened!
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The Ecocomics of Drei (Part 1)
The Ecocomics of Drei (Part 1)

Sorry, I had to remove this entry for legal reasons.
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And we are live...
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Drei Shading Experiment
We have an exciting week ahead, here at Etter Studio. Next Tuesday will be the launch of our new game, Drei, for the iPad.

To celebrate this I will share a few treasures from our development process over the next days. What you see here a shader experiment. We thought we might use this on the textures of all characters. In the end it was a bit too much. But I still love it.

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Working on some wonderful weird things.
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Paint Sculpture
Paint Sculpture

Garden #9 (2010) by Shinichi Maruyama

PS: Happy New Year to everybody on this planet! It will be a good one.
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Hermès – 8 Ties

Something's up... Our latest work for French high fashion house Hermès is out! Find out more here:
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Swiss Game Design Talks

Here a funny video (for those who speak German) of Mario presenting EMC at the Fantastic International Film Festival in Switzerland.
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2 x Webby Award for Mini Maps

We just gathered that Mini Maps which I had the honour to direct for unit9 last year, has won not only one, but two(!) Webby awards as best game for tablets and other devices.
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New Website
New Website

Hello world. After around three month polishing we just launched our new website:

The site is optimized for everybody with a fancy side scrolling mouse. This should make it easy and smooth to navigate it. Please comment.
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Mini Maps

It's all official now: Mini Maps is out today!
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Mumbai Dentist

A second treat from my trip to India: This is the clinic of Dr. Hitekshi D. Rajgor, who just started her business up and running this January.
Due to Mumbai's lack of space it's the smallest dental surgery I've ever seen. Nevertheless, she can offer all the latest equipment and a lovely family mood. This is the only place where visiting the dentist's fun and sweets are passed on in regular frequency, just the way it should be.
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The Path.

We just finished Plapp, an virtual show-case for good computer games. Development was done by the fantastic Peter Kerschhofer. Some writing still needs to be completed, but we decided to put it on-line anyway. Let us know what you think:

PS: I will spend February in West-India, The Science of Creativity will rest therefore for this month.
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Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Don't know where this animation comes from, but it looks good... specially after starring at it for ten seconds.

Exactly three years and one day ago this blog was launched! Happy birthday Science of Creativity! This means also that my little company called Etter Studio is three years old now... unbelievable how time flies!

And what's next? Hard to say. I only know next month I will be in the heat of India, which will be amazing. Work-wise there are three projects floating around, for Sony/UEFA, Dell and Mini Cooper, let's see where they go. And in March we'll pick up work for Swiss organic chocolate producer called Halba, looking forward to that.

Other than that I think I can say now that we are working already on a new game, since people seem to like EMC. And... we're launching a new game portal in the next days... More soon.
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Bugs fixed, trailer rendered... the show can start. More info here:
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EMC released!

My first iPhone game is released today! A true Science of Creativity project, developed together with Mario. It's called EMC and full of colorful electrons, nuclear fusions and electromagnetic forces!! Get more information here:
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An A
An A

Doing some hand lettering for a client. Haven't done this in a while... it's fun!
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US Open PointStream
US Open PointStream

We just completed the score visualisation for the US Open for technology company IBM. More about this project here.
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Chocolats Halba
Chocolats Halba

Visiting the Halba factory with the crew. Photo by Filipa Peixeiro.

To be honest, normally we don't really like to work for Swiss clients. But there are exceptions – like Chocolats Halba – a Swiss chocolate factory which is determined to produce a high quality chocolate, sustainable and fair. In collaboration with yatah we will develop a strategy to establish Halba as global leader in their segment. There are interesting clients in Switzerland, good to know.
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Anorak Magazine in Switzerland
Anorak Magazine in Switzerland

Since this week we are distributing Anorak – the happy mag for kids – for whole of Switzerland! The London based magazine is a quarterly publication full of colorful illustrations and lovely stories. More details
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Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger

Phew! We just finished our latest project. In only five days we conceived and designed a master plan to dust off Tommy Hilfiger. And thanks to a splendid team it looks and feels fantastic! More about this project here
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Hello Fensterfabrik!
Hello Fensterfabrik!

Dear readers, great news from far Switzerland: We've done it! We founded a brand new creative collective, with some of the finest minds Switzerland has to offer!

Our new base is in an old Factory on the hills of Zurich, formerly used to produce windows. The 550 m2 factory has plenty of space, also for exhibitions and film shootings.

More information:
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We just finished a beautiful case study for Swiss watch maker Jaeger-LeCoultre.
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New Studio
New Studio

Today is a happy day in Switzerland! I just signed the contract for our new lovely office space, situated on the hills of Zurich...
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We Win Webby Award!
We Win Webby Award!

The global web community has voted our public awareness campaign What's The Real Cost as best rich media site from business to costumer of the year.

The project produced by unit9 will be honored at the Webby Awards ceremony hosted by B.J. Novak of NBC’s “The Office” on June 14th in New York City. On June 15th, the ceremony will be broadcasted on youtube.

Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, including websites, interactive advertising, online film and video, and mobile websites. The Webby Awards is presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, a 650-person judging academy whose members include Martha Stewart, R/GA's Chief Bob Greenberg, David Bowie, Arianna Huffington and Twitter's Biz Stone.

"The Webby Awards honors the very best of the Internet," said David-Michel Davies, executive director of The Webby Awards. "What's The Real Cost's win is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, and vision of its creators."

The 14th Annual Webby Awards received nearly 10,000 entries from over 60 countries and all 50 states. Founded in 1996, The Webby Awards are known worldwide for its famous five-word speech limit. Past Webby Award winners – and their speeches – include Al Gore (“Please don’t recount this vote”), Beastie Boys (“Can anyone fix my computer?”), and Stephen Colbert (“Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.”).

Brand: Regence – Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Portland
Agency: North, Portland
Interactive Director: Christian Etter, Zurich
Producer: Susan McCrystal, London
Animations/Fx: Mainframe, London
Sound: Christiano Sossi, London
Development: TYO-id, Tokyo
Backend: unit9 tech, London
Interactive Production Company: unit9, London
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Have you ever tried to scan vegetables? I just did. Here is "Aubergine" from the vegetables series.
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We just completed a case study for Cisco Systems. We have been asked to put together an interface of the mobile devices in the year 2014 and how data by then will used and created. More here.
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Smart Grid Version 2

Working on some more network visualization... love it.
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Smart Grid

Recently I have been picking up programming again, and have to say there is almost nothing more rewarding than coding (if it works). Here you see an interactive study of physical network behaviors. Play around your-self:
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We're moving!
We're moving!

Etter Studio is boxing the boxes and moves to Zurich this weekend. A shame to leave this wonderful office here on the river side, but the city is calling... Our new (temporary) address is:

Etter Studio, Roentgenstrasse 30, 8005 Zurich, 0041 43 540 44 61
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Changing Landscapes in Switzerland
Changing Landscapes in Switzerland

The exhibition 'Himalaya – Changing Landscapes' directed by Etter Studio is coming to Switzerland's capital this Sunday. For more information please visit:
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What's The Real Cost?
What's The Real Cost?

During the last month I have been busy with What's The Real Cost, a campaign I was lucky to direct for Unit9, aiming to rise public awareness about out-spinning costs of the US health care system and how to bring them down as an individual.
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Matt Prins published a little magazine I did back in the days in Italy on his Instant Books website.
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The Univers

This is a design study of three-dimensional patterns, which will be used for our new lamp design.
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This Thursday, the short 'Waldschock', co-directed by Christian Etter is screening at the Waldstock film festival in Zug, Switzerland.
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Time to celebrate

We almost missed it! A year and seven days ago the first entry was posted on this blog... happy birthday dear blog! Also happy birthday to our little studio, being born at the same time!
2009, the year of change. It will be a good year: The next two month I will spend in Africa. We'll have two exhibitions in Europe this year, probably one in Asia. I will be speaking at the Webinale in Germany this May. Come along if you're around. We'll be publishing three books this spring and also look forward to produce some more interactive work. Good times.
This blog will be silent for two month now.
Until then... Christian Etter
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Step and Repeat

This case study was created by Christian Etter in May 2007, after measuring proportions of plants and feeding these algorithms into a virtual reality.
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Climate Change in the Himalayas
Climate Change in the Himalayas

Chairs by Ai Weiwei.

This blog will go to sleep now for three weeks... our crew is heading to Nepal to install our next exhibition focusing on climate change. If you happen to be in Kathmandu start of December then please visit us:

Himalaya – Changing Landscapes
2 – 8 December 2008, 10 am – 5 pm
Address: Hanuman Dhoka – New Road, Kathmandu, Nepal
Admission: Free
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Manuel Schoch (1946 – 2008)
Manuel Schoch (1946 – 2008)

Sadly, we had to learn, that Manuel Schoch, just has past away. He and his Time Therapy Institute where our very first clients, from back in 1999, till now. Rest in peace.
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Etter Studio
Etter Studio

We have finally completed our website: Feel free to comment.
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Mouse Dance

This little interaction was developed around a year ago. Go and dance your self:

PS: What's quite interesting about this interaction is that the brain can control the mirrored mouse movements after practising for about a minute.
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Climate Change in Barcelona
Climate Change in Barcelona

Last preparations.

Our exhibition "Himalaya – Changing Landscapes" is opening this Sunday in Barcelona. Find out more:
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Changing Landscapes in Stockholm
Changing Landscapes in Stockholm

The first stop of our international exhibition 'Himalaya - Changing Landscapes' at the World Water Week in Stockholm was a wonderful opening. We've received loads of compliments, everybody is happy happy, and also great media coverage. Thanks to everybody involved.
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Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad

Great news. Our Breaking Bad site has won the Communication Arts competition and is listed in this years annual:

“With the short attention span of most tv watchers, we decided to launch only 2.5 weeks before the pilot aired. We really wanted to keep the show top of mind. In that short amount of time, we had over 100,000 site hits and were posted on hundreds of blogs. Most of those bloggers became even more intrigued by the show after experiencing our site, which is exactly what we set out to do."

“We told a story — as random and weird as it was. We also captured the rawness of the series by shooting everything on camera to capture every little scratch and imperfection. Most importantly, we walked away from traditional methods of creating a trailer or show teaser and embraced a more experimental, more experiential approach. Part interactive trailer, part dream sequence, part moral dilemma, the site was designed to leave the audience with more questions than answers. And it did. And isn’t that what any good television series should do?"
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Changing Landscapes
Changing Landscapes

Swiss and Sherpa members of the 1956 Swiss Everest Expedition rest at a high camp somewhere in the upper Khumbu ice fall.

After a few month of preparation, our next exhibition opens this Monday in Stockholm at the World Water Week. Come and have a look:
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Just received a few copies of the new album by Box, released on Altrisuoni, which I designed and illustrated for my pal Nik. Nice.
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Head tracking
Head tracking

Inspired by the work of Johnny Lee we've tried to develop a similar thing, using the webcam. It is completely useless, but was fun to do.

You need a webcam pointing towards your head, wait till images are loaded, move your head left/right:
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We have a new temporary website: - you can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
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Good News
Good News

The Breaking Bad website - directed by your very own Mr Etter at unit9 for mono - has been honoured twice at the Webby Awards for best use of moving image.
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Gloire aux femmes
Gloire aux femmes

Swiss Photographer Katrin Haunreiter - in collaboration with Etter - invites to her exhibition in Bern, Switzerland.

Les hommes jouent des instruments de musique: tambour, flûte. Ils pensent que les femmes sont incapables de faire tout ce qu’ils font. Mais moi, Madina, je joue de la Cora. Les hommes jouent des instruments de musique; djembé, n’goni, balafon....

Mails ils croient que les femmes ne peuvent faire de même Ainsi, nous , les femmes , donnons-nous les mains et travaillons, Alima joue du balafon, Chata joue du n’goni, BéBé conduit des taxis, Aissata Sidibé est la première dame de l’ORTM, Astan fait de la menuiserie, Bintou est député, Astan Dembélé est mécanicienne, Fanta Diarra est pilote-parachutiste, Mawa Koné fabrique des marionnettes...

Gloire aux femmes, gloire aux femmes du Mali

Wednesday, 5th of March, 11.45 am

Freiburgstrasse 130, Bern/Aussehrolligen

More information (German):
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Hello World
Hello World

A new voice in the wires of the World Wide Web has arrived. Special shout out to Peter Kerschhofer from Vienna, who developed the whole back-end and made this possible. Thank you.
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