The Science of Creativity
Les métamorphoses de Mr. Kalia

I'm excited about this one! Mr Kalia by Béatrice Lartigue and Cyril Diagne.

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GDC 2014
Last week we were at the GDC in sunny San Francisco. I played some wonderful games, like these.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime by Asteroid Base.

Gnah! by @KOOPmode

Night In The Woods by Alec Holowka / Scott Benson

Jazzpunk by Necrophone

Panoramical by Fernando Ramallo

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Blue Comp

What a pretty thing, this origami simulator. Game project in development by the one-man-show Ancient Workshop out of New Zealand.
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What a great interface!
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Have you seen the new trailer for Mirage? You should:
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Chrome Web Lab

Lovely exhibition in London, Web Lab, with installations by Tell Art.
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Stop the Hello World
Stop the Hello World

Another project by digital hero Qubibi.
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Automated Colour Field

Rebecca Baumann is not the first to come up with this idea... but it's still nice to see this.
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Made by Lausanne's David Colombini on a workshop with Andreas Gysin.
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Bla Bla Installation
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Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey is always good for a good giggle.
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Finally, Fez is out!
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Aesthetec is the studio of Ann Poochareon and Mark Argo. It is based in Toronto.
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This is the latest project by Japanese Qubibi.
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Crayong (In progress)

Lovely work by NY based Chen Alexander.
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Arturo Castro

Carnival just started again. Faces, by Barcelona's Arturo Castro.
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Bla Bla
Bla Bla

Bla Bla is a project about human communication. Lovely interactive storytelling by Canadian's Vincent Morisset. Via Jonathan.

Each of the six chapters in the story depicts a different aspect of communication: learning a language, making small talk, expressing emotions, etc. Rich in opportunities for discovery, BLA BLA illustrates these concepts through endearing yet perplexing characters. The figures were designed by Caroline Robert using a variety of techniques, both traditional and hi-tech.
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There is a beautiful iPad app called Planetary. It visualizes your sound library as planetary system. Albums are planets, tracks are moons.
I created a very similar concept last year for Dell Computers, whereby the same is done with the browsing history (domains are planets, sub pages are moons, ect.), called The Outernet. Unfortunately they didn't understand the project and it died.
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Timbuktu is an iPad magazine for kids, made by a very talented bunch of Italians.
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Junkyard Jumbotron

Great. I was telling my friends a while ago this would be great to have... and now we have it, the Junkyard Jumbotron. Just missing video function. Big up Rick Borovoy from the MIT Media Lab to make this happen.
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The Cat and the Coup

This is a small documentary game by the talented Peter Brinson and Kurosh ValaNejad and is called The Cat and the Coup.

You play the cat of Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran. During the summer of 1953, the CIA engineered a coup to bring about his downfall. As a player, you coax Mossadegh back through significant events of his life by knocking objects off of shelves, scattering his papers, jumping on his lap and scratching him.
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Creative Director Jenova Chen explains the inspiration for Journey, a game in development by That Game Company.
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Mario von Rickenbach

During the last weeks I had the pleasure to work with game designer Mario von Rickenbach on my first iphone game (to be released as soon as Mr Jobs reviews it). Mario is a young man of many talents, he developed for example this lovely game called Mirage, an experimental game about a strange creature in a surreal world.
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Arte Interactive
Arte Interactive

Arte started to do some great interactive documentaries. There is Planet Galata, about a bridge in Istanbul. Also, Prison Vally – a great documentary about Cañon City, Colorado.
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Marcin Ignac
Marcin Ignac

Marcin Ignac created these beautiful creatures entirely in code. Have a look at this video as well. Via Creative Applications
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You Were In My Dream
You Were In My Dream

Absolute lovely interactive adventure by Isobel Knowes and Van Sowerwine! Play it here.
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The Wilderness Downtown
The Wilderness Downtown

This is fun. The Wilderness Downtown, another Chrome experiment.
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Turbulence Study
Turbulence Study

By Flight 404, for the Written Images project.
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Hello World

Hello World, by qubibi, is finally a screen saver that suits my taste... Even though the price of $15 is ridiculous.
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They do it again. Absolutely amazing. This Nintendo DS title uses head tracking to create a three dimensional space (same as this, just a tiny bit better). This is 3D with future, unlike these horrible 3D televisions.

PS: Via my favorite blog which opened again.
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Adobe Museum of Digital Media

This is unit9's latest baby. AMDM is open 24 hours and free for everybody to explore some amazing digital exhibitions.
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Daily Stack

Daily Stack was built during a four week exploration in Tangible User Interface by everyoneelse in collaboration with Sebastian Rønde Thielke. Via Creative Applications.
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Particles following the flow of movements, adapting to the color and brightness. Made with C++, OpenSceneGraph and Cefix by Hamburg's Stephan Maximilian Huber.
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The Path

Another fantastic game by Belgium's Tales of Tales. It's called The Path. Inspired by the film Innocence (2004) and the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood the player follows a girl on the way through the forest to her grand mother's house.
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Linien Musik

Super duper Hansi Raber and Clemens Mairhofer developed this application translating drawn lines into audio. You can download if for free from here. Hurray.
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La Gaîte Lyrique
La Gaîte Lyrique

Kishi showed us a new interactive project for "La Gaîté Lyrique", a new venue in Paris dedicated to digital arts and new musics, which will open this fall. Have a look:
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Vladimir Todorovic

While doing this movie, the author worked with a variety of supercomputer clusters and High Performance Computing systems consisting of high number of processors. This movie remixes works of Jean Luc Godard (Weekend), Velimir Khlebnikov (Radio of the Future), Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Notes from the Underground), and Caspar David Friedrich (artist’s quotes). Once again, via Creative Applications.
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The Graveyard
The Graveyard

What a great game: In The Graveyard you play an old lady who visits a graveyard. You walk around, sit on a bench and listen to a song. It’s more like an explorable painting than an actual game, an experiment with realtime poetry, storytelling without words. The Graveyard is an emotional journey of empathy.

By Tale of Tales, via Creative Applications.
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Experiencing Abstract Information

Bachelor thesis by Stefan Kuzaj and Jochen Winker.
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Daniel Lutz

Great Swiss game developer Daniel Lutz released a new game for the iphone, called Colorblind.
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Justin Windle
Justin Windle

This man is fantastic. London based Justin does coding and illustrations, sometimes both at the same time. Make sure to check out his interactive work on his blog.
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Reza Ali

Reza Ali is a master student in the Media Arts and Technology department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He coded the video above in processing.
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Anatoly Zenkov
Anatoly Zenkov

Mouse pointer track after 3 hours of working in Photoshop. Black circles are pointer stops (not clicks).

Love this flickr set by Anatoly Zenkov, using a simple java applet to track his mouse while working. See it here.
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Kazumasa Teshigawara
Kazumasa Teshigawara

Seems to be wonderfully talented and producing some of the best interactive work seen lately. This is Swimmer, Year of the Tigaaa, India and Daydream, of course.

Born in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, 1977. Used to live with mother in the beginning. Later moved in with a new family. Was taken around bars while still young. Hostesses used to like me a lot. I stopped going to school. Played game at home. Cried out of fear when collectors banged at the door for money. Father ran away, got caught. Graduated elementary school. Got into an accident and hurt my neck. Father came back. Father died. Graduated secondary high. Worked at Nihonbashi Textile Processing Factory. Got into an accident, almost died, and hurt my neck. Got into music. Quit point drawing. Bought a Mac. Met some weird people. Said goodbye. Unknowingly entered a bad content design firm and quit immediately. Was scared for days after I quit because the company got hold of me. Worked and quit a number of jobs. At age 21, discovered the fun of design. Eventually got married. Had a kid. Got separated. Got the kid. Taking care of the kid. Working quietly under the label “Qubibi.” Would like to make a lot of things.
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Steph Thirion

Steph Thirion are two guys from San Francisco, doing some wonderful things, like Eliss.
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Kyle McDonald

With a background in philosophy and computer science, Kyle McDonald works with sounds and codes, exploring translation, contextualization, and similarity.
Here you see a point cloud rendering from three phase structured light scans with depth of field using a floating point FBO and smoothed points of variable size and opacity, processed with Open Frameworks.

Via Zach Lieberman
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Folkert Gorter
Folkert Gorter

Eventually, everything connects. You really like certain projects out there in the internet and then... you find out that one single person connects these different projects. Happened so with Folkert Gorter.

He is the man behind But Does it Float, Cargo, Space Collective, Good and the Bas Jan Ader website. Folkert seems to be one of these few people pushing the internet into a right direction. Good to see that. Thanks Folkert.
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Marc Owens

I always wanted to do this, and never did. Luckily, Marc Owens did not only think of it, but also realized the idea in perfection: the Avatar Machine. Fantastic.

Via todayandtomorrow.
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Another stunning website by my digital hero Yugo Nakamura for interior designer Wonderwall:
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Laurence Mencé

Laurence has a new show reel.
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Pitaru / InterSilence

The work of InsertSilence and Pitaru is worth to look at. They also developed this software together.
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Creative Code

Is a prototype developed by Matthias Dörfelt, aka Moka from Hamburg.
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Coke, found on dropular.

One of my favorite sites has been updated: Dropular.
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I have to admit, this is impressive... Via Create Digital Motion.
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Simple Machines
Simple Machines

Lovely new website: Simple Machines. By some Helpful Strangers out of Stockholm.
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Japan Media Arts Plaza
Japan Media Arts Plaza

The Japan Media Arts Festival has been an annual event since 1997. This years winner are a great selection again. Specially Oups by Marcio Ambrosio (Brazil) and the short movie Kudan by Kimura Taku (Japan) is worth mentioning.
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Anatoly Zenkov

Real-time 3D tracking. Via Kishi.
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It works now with Flash and in real time. Li Ti Hui Chun from pill & pillow.
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Ji Lee
Ji Lee

The work of Ji Lee, Creative Director of Google Creative Labs, deserves a closer look. Please enjoy.
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The Rotten Fruit Tardis

Absolute lovely website: The Rotten Fruit Tardis by James Paterson, Robbie Cameron and Eric Jensen (Presstube). Via Yates.
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Daniel Rozin

Daniel Rozin's wooden mirror and how it works.
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Now Updating...

A video from the THA / Yugo Nakamura exhibition at the Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo last August 2008.
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Street With A View

A very hectic little street.
Via wooster collective.
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Federico Urdaneta
Federico Urdaneta

Photo by Maja Flink.

Waiming just did an interview with Colombian's Federico Urdaneta for Shift Magazine. Read it here.
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Daito Manabe II

A new trick by Japanese blood Daito Manabe.
Via todayandtomorrow again.
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Video Tube

More at iheartphotograph
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Daito Manabe

Daito Manabe uses electric stimulus to turn his face into a music visualizer.

Via Todayandtomorrow.
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Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti
Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti

These are two swiss bloods doing some exceptional work, just like Colour Flap.
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Exploded Globe
Exploded Globe

The Globe was constructed with a structural aluminium core and ribs, to which panels of Foamalux were fixed. An array of individually addressable Martin Professional LED fixtures provided the full colour illumination to the globe, and created the unique dappled light projections across Hoxton Square. A bespoke software programme, coded by Cinimod Studio in VVVV, controlled the overall installation.

Via Billy.
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There is a flood of new applications released for the iPhone now... One is called RjDj, which allows you to process audio in real time, looks like good fun.
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Freddie Yauner

Freddie is a funny guy.
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Yosuke Abe

Yosuke Abe is an Art Director at THA, worked on Ffffound and others, the heroes of the web one could say. His own site also features some good thinking, have a look:
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Standart Time
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Fantastic! The Japanese coding hero and Creative, Roxik, will start to work as well as Interactive Director for Unit9. His work is some of the best world wide. Have a look at this example:
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iPhone hologram

David just did this.
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This is great. Levelhead by Julian Oliver.
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Dangerous Australians

Dave Towey has sent a mail describing his latest work. It is a six meter long interactive table for the Australian Museum all about dangerous Australian animals.
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Laurence just showed me this nice new website for BBH:
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Waiming just published an interview with cyber femme Sputniko for Shift Magazine. Read the interview here.
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This project from tha, founded by digital hero Yugo Nakamura in Tokyo, is reflecting the life of the citizen of the Mitsui realestate. It's very similar to a project we're working on and again... a great inspiration:
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Swiss Trains
Swiss Trains

Taking google maps and Swiss precision infatuation to a next level... On you can track all Swiss trains in real time.
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Touched Echo

"The visitors of the Brühl's Terrace (Dresden, Germany) are taken back in time to the night of the terrible air raid on 13th February 1945. In their role as a performer they put themselves into the place of the people who shut their ears away from the noise of the explosions. While leaning on the balustrade the sound of airplanes and explosions is transmitted from the swinging balustrade through their arm directly into into the inner ear (bone conduction)." Outstanding work by Markus Kison.

Via Today And Tomorrow.
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Finally, after a long period of chaos, Fabrica has managed to pull out their new website: - and it was worth it, congratulations!
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Some great stuff one can do with Photoshop. Thanks Alex.
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Bubble Screen
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Little Girl

Captured by Electric Pig.
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Club Internet
Club Internet

Club Internet is a collection of interactive art works. Some are bad, some very good:

Via Fabrica.
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Got milk?
Got milk?

Great new website from Unit9:
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The arts school écal in Lausanne is probably the best one in Switzerland. I was just stumbling upon their showreel of the Interactive & Media Design class.
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Oliver Laric
Oliver Laric

That cracks me up! Hugo Chavez in La Mano Izquierda (The Left Hand) by Oliver Laric.
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Poland's Hertage
Poland's Hertage

Since the once very well done web award called The FWA has introduced a fee to get considered as award receiver, it's selection has become rather money driven. Nice to see one of the latest winner, a very well shaped and educational interactive piece about the diverse history of Poland:
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Nik Wavish
Nik Wavish

Our man Nik Wavish, Interactive Director, not only with a new blog, no... also with a new portfolio site. Three times cheese hurray:
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Black mirror
Black mirror

Interactive video for Arcade Fire out of Canada. Directed by Oliver Groulx and Tracy Maurice. Less good than Neon Bible, but still worth watching:
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Face Off
Face Off

The young Hong Kong based design studio Pill & Pillow developed a Processing application to recognize position and scale of faces and replace them with another face. Good fun and in real time:
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The Good People
Food for Thoughts
Water for Soul
Swiss Directory