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What a font. "To reborn the forgotten artistic movements of a killed empire. We developed our Aymara type, designing a contemporanean inca's typography."
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Kris Sowersby
Kris Sowersby

New Zealand's Kris Sowersby makes fonts, beautiful fonts!
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Bariol is a new font by Atipo, Spain.
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Buro Destruct

Buro Destruct, one of Switzerland's finest.
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Aurèle Sack
Aurèle Sack

Aurèle Sack is a Graphic Designer from Lausanne. He has created some lovely fonts, like this one, called LL Brown.
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Letter Press

This video shows the use of a Monotype machine. The resulting book was then printed on an original Heidelberger Zylinder. Recorded at the Offizin Haag Drugulin in Munich.
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Alex Trochut
Alex Trochut

Alex is a freelance graphic designer from Barcelona and does very pretty crafted typographic posters.
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Takashi Okada
Takashi Okada

Takashi Okada is a freelance web and print designer from Tokyo, doing some visual flash experiments.
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Telescopic Text
Telescopic Text

Click on words on the Telescopic Text by Joe Davis.

Via Today and Tomorrow.
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80 years Adrian Frutiger
80 years Adrian Frutiger

Happy Birthday Adrian Frutiger, Swiss Typographer and creator of all time favourite fonts like the Univers, which he designed initially for the Parisian Metro. With eighty years he's still well and lives in Bremgarten, near Bern.
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Type SQL
Type SQL

What a great way to browse fonts and learn about them:

Via Swissmiss.
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Julius Popp

The setting up of Leipzig based artist Julius Popp's installation called "Bit Fall" in St. Louis.

Via Type for you.
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